Holiday time again!

It’s already November, and Luke will be two in only two weeks! I’m still slacking on writing here, but since no one but me reads it, I guess it’s not a big deal! We had a great Halloween this year, with tons of fun things to do! The kids and I painted pumpkins, Joe and Virginia carved a pumpkin, Luke and I tagged along to Virginia’s pumpkin patch field trip, and we put up some cute decorations around the house! We baked and decorated Halloween cookies, and watched lots of Halloween movies! We went to Bungie’s Halloween party and the kids had a good time finding candy and seeing all the other kids in their costumes. Heather watched Luke so that I could go to Virginia’s Halloween party at school. Everyone wore their costumes and they decorated pumpkin cookies and played a game.

Halloween fell on a Tuesday this year, in the morning we went to the retirement home that we’ve gone to the past two years to trick or treat with the Mom’s group. The kids all looked great and we got a ton of candy! Both kids needed me to carry their buckets by the time they were done because they were so heavy! We came back to the house and had Lin and her girls and Heather and Lola come play for a while. We ordered pizza and played until nap time! I made cute Jack o Lantern stuffed peppers for dinner (the kids thought they were cute but didn’t care much to try them, of course!) We got in our costumes and walked to Heather’s house to meet up with them and Denae, Jason, and Xander. Most houses had their lights on, some even had a bunch of decorations up! The kids were so brave about going to knock on door and say Trick or Treat! Luke just walked up with the older kids without any hesitation! It was really sweet.

The first weekend of November we had snow, it was pretty surprising! Luckily, Target had a sale a few weeks ago on winter jackets and snow bibs, so we were ready! We went out and played in it for about five minutes before we all were too cold! Right now Luke is battling a stomach bug, but he’s being pretty tough about it. Knock on wood, we’ve been pretty lucky and this is the first time anyone’s been sick since Virginia started school!

Virginia still loves going to school, and is doing really well according to her teachers! She has a new best friend, another little redhead named Grace! We’ve had a few play dates and we really like Grace and her mom and brothers! Virginia is getting better at writing her name already, and comes home with fun new facts all the time! Luke misses her while she’s at school, but we stay busy! It’s pretty fun having time for just the two of us!

Speaking of Luke, I can’t believe he is almost two! He is starting to use a lot more words, and understands pretty much everything! He is super sweet, very funny, and loves playing with Virginia! He is such a fun kid! He jumps everywhere and climbs on everything, and is always covered in bruises, but he bounces back fast!

My new boobs are starting to settle, finally. They were very high up and tight for the first 6 weeks, but they are starting to feel more natural! I don’t have to wear my tight sports bra 24/7, so that has made a huge difference! They will still change and drop over the next few months, but they don’t look crazy anymore.

Joe recently became the Raid Team Lead, which is a pretty big deal for him! He’s been very busy and has been working hard, but as usual it has paid off! I’m so glad that they appreciate him and want him to keep moving up in the company! Molly is in Basic Training right now in SC. She graduates from basic on January 18th, and Callie is getting married on the 20th. Molly has to go straight to Officer Training School from basic, so she’ll miss the wedding, but she gets to go home for Christmas at least. We’ve all been sending her lots of letters, and so far she’s sent me one! It’s as tough as she expected, but she’s hanging in there. I wouldn’t have lasted a day, but she’s not a wimp like me!

I’m going shopping next week to look at things for Luke’s birthday, but I also need to get a jump on Christmas presents! I’m going to do a lot of online shopping for all our family in TN to try and save on shipping and all that! I’m really looking forward to having the holidays in our house, we really love it here and hope to stay for a while! I feel so spoiled having so much room for the kids to run around, and the garage has been amazing since it started raining more!