All about Virginia!

I worry that when baby boy gets here, Virginia won’t have as much attention as she is used to. I know that she will love being a big sister, but before baby boy is born I thought it would be a good idea to record some things about Virginia that I want to remember once she is older! So in no particular order, here are some of my favorite things about her right now!

  • Virginia is so polite! If she asks for milk, she says “milk please mama.” Once you hand her something, she says thank you. If you sneeze, she says bless you (right now it sounds like blesh you). When we come home from dates, the nannies always tell us how impressed they are with her manners!
  • She loves to carry a purse, even though I would rather not have to carry anything when I go out. She has a number of purses that hang by the front door, and likes to pick one before we go out. She also insists on wearing a coat (and buttoning/zipping it all the way up) if she thinks it is the least bit cold out.
  • She loves to read books. We read two or three books every day before nap time, and I have found books under her pillow after she wakes up (meaning after I leave the room, she climbs out to get more books, and then reads them to herself and puts them under her pillow.)
  • Virginia is a total daddies girl. When he gets home from work, as soon as she hears the door open, she drops whatever she is doing and runs for the door and hugs him. We wake up before him most mornings, and when she hears him get out of bed she likes to go say good morning.
  • Joe and Virginia have a few things they really like to do together: put on music and dance, put socks on their hands, watch Star Wars (Virginia loves Chewbacca right now), and Virginia loves watching Joe play video games. Virginia also loves milk as much as her dad, she drinks so much that we go through about two gallons a week!
  • She is obsessed with airplanes! If she hears an airplane, she has to point it out. When we are driving, she can spot an airplane far off in the sky way before Joe or I ever see them.
  • Virginia loves playing with other kids! She is very sweet, likes to share, and gravitates towards older kids. We stay very busy with activities, from play dates with our moms club to gymnastics, and everyone loves her!

This is a pretty short list, but Virginia is the sweetest, silliest, smartest little girl I’ve ever known! I’m so lucky to be her mom! She likes to cuddle, dress up, play with puzzles, and get tickled! I can’t wait to see more of her personality as she grows up!