Step away from Pinterest!

So lately I’ve been stockpiling dessert recipes like nobody’s business. I may have a sugar addiction. Last weekend Joe had a hankering for No Bake Cookies, so I whipped some up. They were awesome! I accidentally poured in too much vanilla but it paid off in the end!

Sugary goodness! Joe and I had a few and I sent the rest off to work with him! Too much temptation.

On Friday we had a potluck at work, and I offered to bring the dessert. I made Funfetti Cake Batter Cookies with icing, a recipe I’d seen all over Pinterest (and then I realized it was actually on the Pillsbury cake box). I’d never tried the cake mix cookies, and let me say, they were awesome! Super easy to make, and after letting them cool a bit I frosted them with vanilla Funfetti icing. They were the bomb. Joe and I had to sample a few before I could bring them to work. I neglected to get any pictures, mainly because they were gone so fast! When I took them to work the next day, there were only 4 left by noon! Not too shabby.

Friday night I got off the dessert train and made a Mexican chicken casserole dinner. It was a recipe I’d found on Pinterest, and I’ve already lost the original recipe! But it was super simple. It was chicken enchilada casserole, and I cheated and bought a plain rotisserie chicken. I shredded the chicken and that was done! Into a casserole dish you just threw in a cup of enchilada sauce, a cup of sour cream, 3/4 cup of salsa verde, the shredded chicken, 12 tortilla shells torn into 1 inch pieces, and a can of black beans. Stir it all together, add some shredded cheese on top, and pop it in the oven for 25 minutes. It came out bubbly and awesome smelling! And it was the easiest thing to put together, because the only dish you get dirty is the 13×9 pan!

I was super pleased with it! Joe said the leftovers he had for lunch Saturday re-heated really well. So that is something I will be making again! I would probably add some regular salsa as well next time though.

Saturday Joe and I went down to Fell’s Point in Baltimore and checked out that area. There are a ton of cute little pubs and stores. And we found a little frozen yogurt place for a snack, those fro-yo places are so popular right now! And then we found…a tattoo shop! Joe has been thinking of getting one for a while, so we went in to the Baltimore Tattoo Museum and when we left Joe had an appointment for Sunday!

We got to the shop around 11 on Sunday and the guy got all set up. I was a little nervous for Joe, the piece he was getting was lots of color and on the large side, but I knew he was tough! I have three tattoos, and I figured if I could handle it so could Joe! Ha. The tattoo artist got to work and did the whole thing in about 2 and a half hours, with no breaks!

Joe laying on the table, so cute! I was so proud of him, he was a real champ! The longest any of my tattoos took to get done was just over an hour, so for him to sit that long was pretty crazy to me. But it turned out amazing!

It’s Link from the Zelda game Windwaker! So fitting for my video game guy!

So we had a very exciting weekend! We don’t have a grill (can’t have them on our apartment patio, huge fire hazard), but we do have a George Foreman! So we’ve been grilling burgers and tonight I think we’re doing hot dogs. Yay for summer weather! I made homemade cole slaw the other night to go with our burgers, and last night we had corn on the cob. Next I’m going to try making my mom’s potato salad! Best of all, after a short work week, Joe and I will be heading to Nashville Friday night! My sister Callie is graduating from high school Saturday and Joe and I wouldn’t miss it! There will be a big party at my parents house afterwards, and I am so excited to get to see my family and Joe’s mum! It’s been too long!


3 months and counting!

It’s been a while since I last blogged, I keep meaning to but I’ve been lazy! So I’ve tried out a few new things in the past few weeks. I made my first batch of homemade rolls a while back.

They didn’t get as brown on the tops as I would have liked, but they seemed okay! They tasted kind of bland to me, but the recipe I used was very basic so I figured as much. I don’t know if I’ll go through all the trouble with the yeast and whatnot on a regular basis, but its nice to know I can whip them up if needed.

I made some delicious strawberry cupcakes with vanilla icing last weekend, but I totally cheated and used a box. My mom makes them as mini cupcakes during the summer, and I just had a craving for them! I made Joe take the majority of them to work so we wouldn’t have two dozen cupcakes at our apartment taunting us.

Some with sprinkles and some with out! I heard from Joe that the sprinkles went first, I’ll have to keep that in mind next time!

Joe and I have been married three months as of today! It feels like its been longer, but in a good way. Lately we’ve been doing some exploring around where we live. We take drives down random roads and find neat things along the way. Last weekend we stumbled across a neighborhood that had an open house to check out, and it just so happened to be our perfect dream home. With a price tag of 1.1 million. Wowza! But we can dream. Ha.

I lucked out and had today off, so Joe and I got out early-ish and drove around checking out some yard sales. No great finds, but we got to see some cute neighborhoods and trails. Joe had heard from some co-workers that there was a great bbq place nearby so we checked it out. It was literally in the middle of nowhere, and it was basically a run down looking house that was turned into a bbq joint. It was run by some super friendly guys that gave us our drinks for free because it was our first time there! I had a pulled pork sandwich and coleslaw, and Joe had a half rack of ribs and mac and cheese. It was super good! And a great price. Since today was so nice out we sat outside at a picnic table and had a picnic! It was great.

Joe was a really great husband and even went dress shopping with me this afternoon. We are going back to Tennessee in two weeks for one of my sister’s high school graduation. I don’t have any chick friends here and I am horrible at shopping by myself. Joe patiently went in and out of stores with me and let me try on bunches of dresses, and didn’t even mind that I took forever. He was very sweet. And eventually I found a great dress!

We rounded out our evening by hitting up this pizza place in Baltimore called Joe Squared. Guy went there on Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives, so we had to see it! Plus Joe and I could basically live off pizza so we have to make sure we know all the good places. And it was a huge hit! We had the Flag Pizza, it was one part pesto sauce with mozzarella, one part red sauce with mozzarella cheese, and one part white sauce with feta.

My favorite part was the pesto sauce, but it was all great! It was great anniversary dinner. Ha. Now we’re back home and Joe is playing Diablo 3 and I’ve got Everwood on! Life is good.

Motorcycles and oatmeal cookies!

My super adorable husband has wanted a motorcycle for years now, and has started getting pretty serious about it lately. He’s been looking around at what type he wants and has a good idea of what he’s looking for. Sunday we went up to PA to look at a Harley Davidson shop, just to see some bikes in person. I was starting to warm up to the idea of him on a motorcycle, especially after seeing him look super good in a motorcycle jacket. But as soon as I think about him out on the street on one, I get totally scared! I’ll get over it I guess. We got some good information, and as luck would have it, there was a Cheddar’s right down the road! Cheddar’s is one of my favorite restaurants, and Joe and I used to go in Tennessee. They have the best croissants with honey butter! So I now know, when I need Cracker Barrel or Cheddars, just go to PA. Ha.

Joe and I were at Wegman’s picking up some milk later, and I decided we needed something sweet at the apartment! (For those that don’t know, Wegman’s is basically the coolest grocery store ever, it’s like a Whole Foods on crack) For some reason oatmeal cookies sounded good, but Joe doesn’t like raisins. We opted for butterscotch chips instead! I got home and go to baking!

I really need to figure out how to make the lighting in the kitchen better! And also, learn how to take a good picture. Ha. Last time I made cookies with my stand mixer I didn’t do so hot, so this time I was determined to get it right. I made sure to let the butter get to room temperature, and I used to dough attachment.

Looking good so far! Butter and sugar, and then the eggs and vanilla.

Here is the dough with everything added! I put a bit extra cinnamon and vanilla in the mix, because it seemed like a good idea. I used my super handy ice cream scooper to get them on the pan and threw them in the oven. The apartment smelled amazing while they were baking! And surprisingly enough, they turned out awesome!

Joe was a big fan! Even Uma could tell that they were good.

Uma sneaking up…

And Joe teasing her with his cookie! He didn’t share. Aren’t they cute though? I made Joe take a plate of the cookies to work so I didn’t have 4 dozen oatmeal cookies tempting me. Today was my day off and I had tons of errands to run, one of which finally getting all of our wedding pictures onto Facebook! It took about an hour but was worth it! I can’t believe we have been married for more than 2 months!