Late summer update!

So it’s been almost two months since I was last on! I am not great at keeping up with this! Virginia keeps me busy! I am now in the third trimester, and can’t believe how fast time is going by with this pregnancy! Baby boy (he has a name, but Joe and I are keeping it to ourselves) kicks all the time, and is definitely growing! In regards to the pregnancy, everything is going great! At 24 weeks I took the gestational diabetes test and passed with flying colors, and I surprised myself by not being anemic this time around. I guess I can thank all my cravings for cheeseburgers and steak for keeping my iron levels strong! I feel like I am already huge, but when I look at pictures of me being this far along with Virginia I look about the same, and I’ve gained about the same amount of weight.

Aside from the pregnancy, we’ve had a pretty great summer! Joe went above and beyond for my 26th birthday, putting a card in the mailbox for me every day with a clue to one of my presents. The clues were really clever and I only sort of figured out a few of them! He made me a cake and we opened presents with Virginia (aside from my cute little gifts, he got us tickets to see two great bands). We had a nanny come watch Virginia and we went to Seattle for an awesome dinner at an Italian place. To top it all off, Molly flew in to visit! Molly stayed for a little over a week, and we did all the touristy Seattle things, plus went to the Olympic National Park and stayed overnight in Port Angeles. It was a great visit, and Virginia loved having Molly stay with us! After Molly went back to TN, we got to see Pops for a quick overnight trip.

Virginia and I were busy with lots of fun play dates, and we also started going to a gymnastics class at a nearby gym with a friend and her daughter. It’s a very basic class, but Virginia loves it! Joe stays busy at work, but we always find fun things to do on the weekends! We bought a little charcoal grill and Joe has been grilling us some delicious dinners! I’ve made some really good friends through the Mom’s club, and get out every now and then on my own to do fun stuff with the other ladies. I think we’re all very happy here!

We flew home for our big TN trip, but it didn’t really go as planned! We bought Joe a round-trip ticket to make sure he’d get there and back for work, and Virginia and I were going to fly standby. A few days before our trip we realized that we were not going to get on standby, all the flights were totally full. I scrambled and bought a one way ticket for Virginia and myself to leave the day before Joe (it was all we could get!). We left Thursday on a flight to Vegas, that was supposed to change planes and go to Nashville. We were on the flight to Vegas, about to land, when the pilot told us that due to thunderstorms in Vegas we had to land in Reno to refuel and wait until we could land at Vegas. That was not a part of the plan! Luckily Virginia was pretty happy and we were able to get off the plane in Reno to get food. We were able to land at Vegas about an hour later, only to find out that our connecting flight had been cancelled! The airport was a mad house because about ten flights had been cancelled and no one could go anywhere. We waited in a long line to get a new flight arranged for the morning, and then got a discount coupon for a hotel. I bought a few toiletries and a new t-shirt for myself at a gift shop (while Virginia managed to knock over two shot glasses on the floor which shattered). We then waited in line for a cab to our hotel for about 40 minutes outside in literally 100 degree heat. It was crazy! The taxi took us to our hotel (the only place we could get a room at a discount was the Hooters casino resort, not my ideal place to take a toddler!), and it cost $30! I was not thrilled about that. We got to our room about 10:30 and took a quick shower and got in bed, only to wake up at 4 am to go back to the airport! Luckily the taxi ride was cheaper to the airport (we’d gotten scammed the night before!), and the airport was pretty empty that early in the morning! We took a flight to Phoenix (because there were no non-stop flights available), and then a flight to Nashville and finally landed at 1 pm on Friday! We were supposed to get to Nashville at 11 pm the night before! Virginia was amazing the whole time, she was so sweet to everyone we met! And we were very lucky to sit next to really nice people on our flights that really helped me entertain her!

Mom and Molly picked us up and we went to the farm. Virginia and I got to meet Lillian, she was so sweet! Virginia said “awe” and wanted to hold her hand! Rebecca came over a little while later with Christian, he was so tiny! He was only 4 days old! I was so happy to be able to hold my niece and nephew! Joe flew in that evening and I picked him up and we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner with the whole family. I was so happy to be home!

Saturday morning Virginia got to run around the farm, and Joe, Molly, and I ran to Publix to get the cakes, food, and drinks for the party, and headed to Jeri’s to set up! My parents brought Virginia over before the party started and everything looked great! It looked a little stormy out, but Virginia was able to swim with Joe and my dad, and Callie and Carlin also swam! We got a call from Rick while we were setting up, Papa Joe was having some odd health symptoms so Cindy and Suzanne took him to the ER. We were worried about him, and sad that they were all having to miss the party, but Rick assured us that it didn’t seem to be too serious and that we should go on with the party! Virginia had a great time swimming, and visiting with everyone! Tim, Jean, Audrey, and Jordis came and Virginia had so much fun playing with the girls! Gracie also made it in for the weekend, so Virginia got to see her for the first time since Christmas! The party was a big hit, we just ordered pizza’s so it was really easy on everyone! Virginia’s birthday cake was adorable and super tasty. We left Jeri’s around 5 and headed to Thompson’s Station. We had dinner with Joe’s family, Nana Blackburn and Papa Charlie had driven up and got to spend some time with Virginia too.

Sunday morning we hung out with Gracie and got ready for the baby shower! There were a lot more people at the shower than the birthday party, all the people that had to attend to Papa Joe were able to be at the shower, plus some other extended family from Cindy’s side. Luckily Papa Joe was okay, he’s just having some of the same cognitive issues that Teeny Mom has, but they were at the party and in good moods. Virginia woke up right as the party was starting, and was overwhelmed by all the people so we had to give her some time to acclimate to the crowd! Audrey and Jordis were super sweet and helped play with Virginia! After the party was over and Gracie had to go back to the airport, Joe and I managed to sneak out for dinner at Newks and a movie together! It was fun to have a date night!

We spent Monday and Tuesday morning with Joe’s parents, just hanging out. After lunch on Tuesday we had to take Joe to the airport, Virginia was so sad when he said goodbye! It about broke my heart! He made it home to Seattle without any issues though. Cindy drove Virginia and I to the farm house and got a tour, it is almost done but they still haven’t moved in. Everything is done except for refinishing a few of the floors. The paint is done and it all looks great, but I was kind of bummed they hadn’t been able to move in yet. Tuesday evening mom and I took Virginia to the fair. It was super hot out, but still fun to walk around. Virginia went on the carousel with mom and we got some food but didn’t stay too long. We spent the rest of the week hanging out at the farm, going out to eat at my favorite food places, and just relaxing! Virginia loves to feed the animals with dad and swing outside. I got to spend a lot of time with Callie and Lillian, and Rebecca came by most days with Christian. We went back to the fair Thursday night, and Friday we went to Jeri’s house for lunch and to swim. Virginia and I were able to fly standby on Sunday on a non-stop flight home. It went really well, Virginia even slept for half the flight! It was the first time she was technically a ticketed passenger, since she was over two, but she still ended up sitting on me most of the flight.

So now we are home and getting back in our routine. I had my 28 week check up yesterday and everything looks great with me and baby boy! Roughly 12 weeks until we have our son! I am so glad that we got to see Lillian and Christian, Virginia was so sweet with them. She was never jealous when I held them, and she wanted to help when they cried by getting them pacifiers. I think that pretty much catches us up to where we are now!

How far along? 28 weeks!

Total weight gain: 19 pounds! I feel pretty good about it! I think I’ll hit about 30 pounds total which is totally okay with me. Maternity clothes? Pretty much all the time. When I’m home I just wear Joe’s boxers and t-shirts, but even his shirts are getting tight!
Stretch marks? No new ones!
Sleep: I’ve gotten down to only one or two trips to the bathroom at night, and I sleep great until Virginia wakes me up at 5 am! I just try to go to bed by 10 so I’m not a zombie the next day!
Best moment this week: Our whole trip home was pretty great! Virginia has learned to walk backwards which is pretty cute, and yesterday Joe taught her how to whisper!

Miss Anything? Being able to carry Virginia without getting winded, and rolling over in bed without a lot of effort!
Movement: Constantly! He kicks throughout the day, but at night after dinner is his most active time!
Food cravings: Cheeseburgers, pizza, dr. pepper. I want all the junk food.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not lately!
Gender: Hopefully still a boy!

Labor Signs: Not yet.
Symptoms: Exhausted, sore, hungry.
Belly Button in or out? In! But it looks like a crater.
Wedding rings on or off? On! No swelling yet.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Super happy!
Looking forward to: Fall, cooler weather, pumpkin flavored things, fun play dates with Virginia before we have a baby to bring with us everywhere!