31 weeks! 2 months to go!

Joe and I have had a busy past couple of weeks! The first week of June we drove home to Nashville for vacation! I managed to get a speeding ticket halfway through Virginia (I didn’t even use pregnancy as an excuse!), but other than that the drive was easy. Molly graduated from high school on June 1st, and we made it to my parents house a few hours before graduation. She graduated at MTSU, where Joe and I graduated from college.

gardMy family with the gradate! She had so many distinctions for grades and whatnot!

gradJoe and I with my baby sister! All done with high school! I look like a house when I stand sideways!

After the graduation we all went back to my parents house and hung out. My best friend Meghan and her boyfriend Bryan drove up from Arkansas, I was so excited to see them! My aunt Michele and cousin Saxon flew in and they got to the house as well.

Sunday we spent the day making the last of the food for the shower, getting favors ready, decorating, and hanging out.

bellyMe, Meghan, and my big belly! I really wish I didn’t have to wear glasses all the time, I hate the way I look in them! Meghan spent all Saturday and Sunday trying to get the baby to kick so she could feel it, but had no luck!

The baby shower was a huge hit. We had about 30 people show up! The weather was great, not too hot and it didn’t rain! We ate inside the big empty farm house, but everyone milled around outside and around the house. We had games set up around the house, and corn hole in the front yard.

cakeOur awesome cake that Joe’s mom had made for us! We had so much food and dessert!

foodIt was a full house!

Joe and I are so lucky to have so many friends and family that came out! We got pretty much everything off our registry, and are basically set for this baby’s arrival! The shower was a lot of fun! Some of my favorite things we got from the shower are onesies decorated by friends and family, and we had everyone guess when they think the baby will be born! Everyone stayed until after it got dark out!

Meghan and Bryan left early Monday morning to head back to AR. Joe and I spent Monday with his parents out at a campground by Percy Priest lake. My dad, Callie, and Saxon came out and we all went out on the boat. Callie and Saxon tubed, Joe wake boarded, skied, and surfed, Callie skied, and we tried to teach Saxon to surf. Joe’s parents also got to ski! My favorite part of being out on the boat is just riding, and since I’m pregnant no one could try and pressure me to ski! So I was a happy camper. Ha. It was a fun day, but Joe and I let ourselves get super sun burnt!

sunburnt 30 weeksThis is what a really sun burnt 29 week pregnant lady looks like. So glamorous.

Tuesday we spent hanging out with Joe’s family, and Wednesday afternoon I took Joe to the airport so he could get back to Baltimore for work. I spent Wednesday afternoon and Thursday hanging out with my family in Lebanon. Callie and I drove back to Baltimore Friday. It was a marathon drive, we left at 8 am and got to the apartment at 8 pm! Luckily there were no speeding tickets this time. Callie hung out with us Saturday and Sunday, and I took her to the airport Monday morning. She flew out to San Antonio to spend time with Michele, Saxon, and our grandfather!

Joe’s parents came this weekend for a quick trip. His mom flew in Friday night, and his dad flew in Saturday afternoon. We went out to this cool burger place in Federal Hill Saturday night. His parents left this morning and Joe and I have been taking it easy! I got Joe a pair of sun glasses for Father’s Day because he lost his last pair a few weeks ago.

We only have 2 months and 1 day until our due date! The nursery/guest room is almost ready! The crib is up with clean sheets, and I’ve got most of the clothes and blankets washed. We have diapers and wipes and everything else organized. We picked up our travel system today, my aunt got it for us and it is adorable! I also set up our Rock and Play, which I’ve read is a life saver in the first few months! I’ve even got my hospital bag partially packed! I like to be prepared. The baby is kicking like crazy which is comforting. I feel pretty good still, I’ve only gained 19 pounds as of this morning, and my ankles are visible most of the time. We’re getting very excited!