Life with two kids!

Luke is almost two weeks old, and I am on day three of being home alone with two kids! I didn’t know what to expect, but so far things have been going pretty smoothly! We got home from the hospital, and Virginia pretty much immediately got used to Luke being home! She kept checking on him in his rock and play, and when I fed him she liked to hang out next to us but it never seemed to weird her out or make her jealous! She likes to bring me his diapers for diaper changes, and likes to hold Luke on the couch!

Cindy was great about making sure Virginia got out during the day. They would walk to Safeway or Baskin Robbins, or she and Joe would take Virginia on a Target run. Luke has been a really calm baby, he only cries when you change his diaper, and aside from that just eats and sleeps! On our 3rd day home we had a postpartum check up at the hospital, and we also had his circumcision done. Right before the circumcision appointment I got really nervous, I didn’t want to hurt Luke! But the doctor was great, and it was over really quick. He didn’t even cry! The postpartum appointment went great, Luke wasn’t jaundiced and had already made it back up to his birth weight!

My milk came in really quick, and just like with Virginia I immediately had way too much milk! It’s a blessing and a curse! Luke gets flooded with milk and ends up spitting some back up. I have to be really careful about burping him! My boobs are huge and hard as a rock all the time, but at least this time I didn’t have any issues with cracking or bleeding, and Luke has always had a good latch.

The day before Thanksgiving I made my cranberry apple sauce and twice baked potato casserole. I also baked the pumpkin pie. On Thanksgiving, Joe and Cindy got the turkey ready and had it in the oven at 8 am! We watched the Macy’s Parade and relaxed. Bo, Robbie, and Molly came over right before 1. The turkey came out perfectly, and Cindy and I got the rest of the sides cooked. Everything was ready on time and warm! Best of all, Luke ate right before everyone showed up and slept peacefully through lunch! Virginia was so excited that we had a bunch of people over, and she was very sweet. We took a long time eating lunch, and Virginia eventually fell asleep on the couch!

We were all having a good time talking and hanging out, and everyone ended up staying until after 9! We put out leftovers around 7 and people made sandwiches. We put Virginia to bed at 8, and I was exhausted and got ready for bed at 9. Joe finally got everyone to leave after I’d gotten in bed! It was a long day! Joe drove Cindy to the airport early Friday morning.

We spent our first weekend as just the four of us being lazy! We took a drive Saturday. Sunday we made a trip to Target. Joe went back to work on Monday, and Luke had his one week check up at the pediatrician. I was nervous about getting there on time with both kids by myself, and it was easier than I expected! I got Virginia ready, then Luke, warmed up the car, and loaded up the kids! We made it the appointment on time, and Luke looked great! His doctor is really nice. He was up to 7 lbs 8 ounces, and his jaundice levels were okay! Virginia was so sweet during the appointment. Luke had to get one shot and had his heel pricked for the PKU test, and when he cried Virginia came up to him and said “It’s okay Luke!”

On Tuesday we went to our usual play date, and it went great! Luke slept the whole time, luckily he likes car rides! Virginia got to play and I got to catch up with my mom friends! On the way home Luke got hungry and started crying, and Virginia kept telling him, “It’s okay Luke!” and then she started telling him “Calm down!” Haha.

My parents are flying in tonight and will be here a week! I’m super excited for them to meet Luke, and to show them around where we live! I’m sure as Luke gets older and is awake more, it will get harder to juggle two kids. For now we’re doing okay! Virginia has just adapted so quickly, it’s been really impressive! I’m glad Joe and I decided to only have two kids though, I can’t imagine me versus three kids on my own all day! Haha. We’re lucky we got two great kids!