That time I got fake boobs…

Ever since I stopped nursing Luke and my breasts disappeared, I have been joking with Joe how I could just get a boob job. A few months ago, Joe started saying we could really consider it if I wanted. I never thought I’d be the kind of person to have cosmetic surgery, and it’s not like I had horrible self confidence or anything. I just missed having a full size chest. I’d been a C cup since I was about 15, so to be 28 and be down to an A was a pretty noticeable drop. I started researching boob jobs, and was pretty nervous about actually going through with it. Then one of my friends here had one done, and a few months later another friend had one done too. They both told me it was way less scary than that had anticipated, and were so glad that they had done it.

Joe got me a consultation with a plastic surgeon for my birthday. After the appointment, I was so excited about the thought of having it done that I was ready to book the surgery! It was a big expense, but Joe felt that it was worth it! I wanted my fake boobs to look as natural as possible, so I decided on a size that would best fit my body. We booked the surgery for September, after Virginia would start preschool and our trip to Chicago for Riot Fest.

*Side note! Riot Fest was crazy! We had a ton of fun in Chicago, but the outdoor music fest was too hot and crowded for me! We saw an improv show at Second City which was amazing, went to the top of the Willis Tower, and walked around a bunch of touristy spots. I’m so glad that we got to see Nine Inch Nails because it was a dream come true for Joe, but Taking Back Sunday was kind of disappointing live. There were just way too many drunk people around, so you really had to watch out. But it was a great time away for Joe and I, and the kids had a great time with my parents back in Seattle!

Before we knew it, it was my surgery date! I was pretty nervous leading up to it, but Joe wasn’t worried at all. We had a nanny watch the kids, and Joe took me to the surgery. Everyone was really nice and reassuring, so that helped. They got me in a gown, took some before pictures, the doctor marked on me with a sharpie, and then it was time to go to the surgical room! I said bye to Joe and got on the table. I barely felt them put the IV in, and all of a sudden I was waking up in the recovery room. I was really disoriented, felt really tight, and wanted to go home. They brought Joe back and got me dressed and in a wheelchair, and helped me into the car. I barely remember the ride home, except for that it hurt when he hit bumps!

Joe got me in bed, and after a two hour nap (propped up on 4 pillows!) I felt much better. I couldn’t really move on my own, Joe had to help me out of bed to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t really move my arms or my torso, so I had to move very carefully. My chest was pretty swollen, but other than that I looked okay. Joe kept the kids entertained, and they let me rest. Saturday and Sunday I was either in bed or on the couch. I could get up and down the stairs on my own, I just had to move slow. I went to the doctor Saturday morning so he could check out my incisions, and he said I was already healing good and wasn’t too swollen.

Joe had to go to an early doctor appointment on Monday, so we had a nanny come. Heather came and took Virginia to and from school so she wouldn’t miss the day. The nanny took care of Luke while I rested upstairs. Rick actually had an overnight in Seattle, so he took an Uber out to the house. The kids were so surprised when they woke up and he was here! We hung out around the house and ordered pizza when Joe got home. Joe took him back to his hotel after dinner because he had to be at the airport really early.

On Tuesday I was still too nervous to drive, I was only taking Tylenol but I was worried about getting Luke in and out of the car without picking him up. Luckily Jen brought Quinn and Alexandra over to play with Virginia and Luke, so they wouldn’t be bored all day at home. On Wednesday I was still nervous, but I took Virginia to school. Luke did a great job getting in and out of his car seat by himself,  and we managed to drop Virginia off on time and pick her up. Today we went to ballet in the morning and it went well. It’s still scary driving because I can’t move my arms very fast, so I have to be extra careful.

So tomorrow will be one week since the surgery, and I go back to the doctor to have the stitches removed. The recovery has been pretty much what I expected. I hate not being able to pick up the kids, but they have been really sweet to me. Luke is too little to know anything about what happened, and Virginia just knows that I went to the doctor and had an owie that is healing. I was afraid she would go to school and tell everyone her mom had a boob job, so I’ve been vague! I’ll definitely tell her about it when she’s older if she wants to know though. I’m not ashamed that I had it done, but I hope that once they heal I still look like my old self, just better! Now I’m just looking forward to being able to sweep and vacuum again, the house is starting to get pretty messy!


We have a preschooler!

Virginia started school last Wednesday! I made her cute little bear toast for breakfast, with a nutella face and bananas and blueberries for eyes and ears! She thought it was pretty funny. We picked out her outfit the day before, and she was so excited to get ready! Joe took off Wednesday and Thursday to stay home and play Destiny 2, but he went with us to take Virginia to her first day. We got there a few minutes early, and we all walked her in. Ms. McCary took a family photo, and then we said our goodbyes! Virginia was totally cool, I had to watch her through the window for a minute to make sure she was okay. She didn’t look back once! She was so happy to be in the classroom!

We walked out of the school, and then Luke looked around and got really upset! He realized Virginia wasn’t coming with us, and he started yelling, “Nooooo! Ya Ya!!!” He wanted her to come with us! Then we got home, and he would just look around and ask, “Where Ya Ya??” I didn’t cry, but he almost made me! It was so sweet! I took him to get his hair cut, and then we just played at home until it was time to go pick her up. Joe came with us, and Virginia was so happy when we saw her! They were finishing up circle time and then the kids line up at the door to be dismissed.

Virginia had a special tote bag with her name on it that she brings home every day, she puts her artwork in it! She told us that she had fun at school, that they played outside, had a snack. She said her teachers were all nice, and she went potty by herself. She asked to go to Garlic Crush for lunch, and then we went to the bakery with the fun shaped cookies afterwards. Both kids took a good nap after we got home!

On Friday, I dropped Virginia off at at school with Luke. She walked into class, put her bag in her cubby, and just walked away to go play. She didn’t turn back or say goodbye or anything! After I picked her up I told her it made me sad that she didn’t tell my bye or give me a hug! Haha. All about that mom guilt. When I dropped her off on Monday, she put her bag in her cubby and then looked at me and said, “Okay, bye mom!” She’s a cute kid.

Luke and I have been entertaining ourselves while Virginia is in school. On Friday we went to the Krispy Kreme in Issaquah, they had pumpkin spice donuts just for the day, so we had to try them! On Monday, we had to pick up some pictures at Walgreens, and then we had to kill time before Costco opened, so we went to look at the animals at Petco and picked out some Halloween decorations at the Dollar Store. He still misses Virginia, and asks where she is every hour or so, but he doesn’t cry!

My parents are currently on a flight to come see us! Joe and I are going to Chicago this weekend for the Riot Fest music festival! I’m excited to see my parents and show them our house, and Virginia is excited that “her grandparents are babysittering her and Luke.” The weather is supposed to be nice, and the leaves are starting to change colors, so I’m hoping they get to see how beautiful it really is here! I’m so excited to have a few days with Joe to relax and hang out!!

Summer is over!

I never even managed to finish the post about our awesome summer trip home to TN. Luckily, I took lots of pictures, and Virginia likes to talk about how much fun she had with her grandparents, cousins, and everyone else we saw while we were home. We spent lots of lazy days at the farm, the kids just playing around the house. Callie, Molly and I got to go to dinner, go to the gym, and go shopping. It was great to have time with my sisters, and with my parents! Joe flew back to TN and we spent a night in Maryville with Nana Blackburn before going to the Blackburn family reunion. The kids had a good time being the center of attention (they were the youngest there), and we had a good time visiting with everyone!

We spent a not so fun night at the Airstream with Cindy and Rick at a campsite near Gatlinburg. It was a beautiful place, but the kids would not sleep in the Airstream, so it was rough! Virginia had been so excited to go camping, and she really loved her first smore, so hopefully next summer they will do better! Cindy and Rick were amazing and took the kids back to Nashville for us. Joe and I met my mom, dad, Callie, Molly, and Rebecca at Dollywood for a day of theme parking! We had a blast! The weather wasn’t too hot, the lines were not bad at all, and we got to ride a bunch of rides multiple times! Joe and I spent the night in Gatlinburg and found a Mellow Mushroom to have dinner at. We drove to Joe’s parent’s house the next morning. We stayed in Nashville a few more days before heading back to Seattle.

The Bungie family picnic was the next weekend, we had a ton of fun! It was out at Lake Sammamish State Park, which is beautiful. We played games, Virginia got her face painted, there were big bouncy houses, and good food. We saw some friends, played on a cool playground, had some ice cream, and left when the kids were wore out. I had a great birthday, I got a nanny for the kids and was able to go shopping on my own and meet Joe for lunch. After I got home Virginia had her first gymnastics class of the summer at a new place, there were only like 5 girls total and the teacher was great. Joe came home early from work and made me a great dinner. Afterwards we had cake and I opened presents. Joe had booked me a consult for the next morning with a plastic surgeon to see about getting a breast augmentation, something we’ve been talking about for months!

I ended up getting  a nanny for the next day as well, because Joe had a meeting he couldn’t miss during my appointment time. It was like another gift to have the morning off of kid duty! The appointment went great and I left feeling really excited about the procedure! I went to the water front in Kirkland and read a book for a while, and then had lunch before going back home.

Virginia’s fourth birthday was a huge success! Cindy flew in on the 11th so she could be here for her party. Cindy watched the kids for us that night, so Joe and I went to the new Fogo de Chao that had just opened up in Bellevue. It was pretty expensive, and not really my cup of tea, but it was fun to check out! That Saturday we went to the Zoo, and although it started out a little cold it was a great day for it! The animals were all super active, and the kids had a great time! It hadn’t rained in literally 50 days, we had broken a record, and the morning of Virginia’s party is started raining. Luckily the kids were all happy playing inside! Cindy was amazing and set up all the decorations I’d bought in a really nice way, so the house looked great! We had pizza, played a game, had cake, and then the sun came out in time to hit the pinata outside! Virginia opened her presents and got some really cute things! That night we went to a hibachi grill in Bellevue for dinner. Joe was right, the kids thought it was a blast! They loved the volcano fire, and the whole show of dinner being made in front of us! They even ate a ton of food!

Cindy had to leave Monday to get back to Papa Joe. On Virginia’s real birthday, I made her chocolate chip scones with icing, and we sang happy birthday to her again and she blew out more candles. We told her she could pick anything for her birthday dinner, and she chose to go to McDonalds! She was pretty excited to finally be four!

The week after Cindy left, Gracie came for a visit! Matt got to go on a two week Blizzard trip to Cologne, Germany, and then Paris! She came to visit us for a few days, and we had amazing weather! We took the kids to Pike Place Market on a Friday morning and the crowds weren’t too bad. We walked around and saw some cool things, and then met Joe for lunch in Bellevue. We had a nice dinner outside and Joe made us margaritas! On Saturday we drove up to Edmonds to take the ferry to Kingston. We missed the first ferry departure we wanted, but the kids did good waiting in the car for the next one! They loved the ferry ride! We had lunch at a cute place right near the terminal, we got to sit on a deck with views of the water. We walked around some shops, got ice cream, and then got on the ferry back towards home. Gracie had to leave on Sunday, but we had time to go to the new park in Bellevue in the morning and play for a while! She actually got to join Matt in Paris for the end of his trip, and they have been exploring the French countryside for the past few days!

This weekend was Pax in Seattle, and Joe got us passes to go on Sunday. We got there right at 10 when it started, and headed to the Paramount theatre first. Bungie had bought it out and set up shop inside, it was pretty cool! After we saw their set up, we walked to the convention center and went to the main floor expo. We saw some people that Joe worked with in Baltimore at the Elder Scrolls booth, so that was neat! The kids loved seeing people dressed up, and there was a ton of cool booth set ups! After we’d walked around for a good hour, we went across the street for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and had some good food.

We had a sitter last night for the launch party of Destiny 2. It was at the Paramount theatre, they moved some things around for the  party and it was really pretty! We shared an Uber with Heather and Guillaume and had dinner at the Carlile Room before the party. The drinks and food were both really good, and we had a great time hanging out! Once at the party we got seperated, but I know so many people now that it is pretty fun just moving around talking to people! It was super loud and hot inside the theatre, but we had a good time! We made it until 10:30, and then we found Heather and G and got an Uber back. The kids were great for Linda, it is so nice to have a sitter we trust and can count on!

Today is Labor Day, and we’ve mostly been lazy. It’s about 90 degrees out, so very hot inside. Virginia starts Preschool on Wednesday! Joe and I went to parent orientation last week, I felt so grown up! We got to check out the church/school, meet her teacher and the assistants, and were giving the handbook and a ton of forms to fill out (which I love doing!) I’m really excited for Virginia, I know she is going to love it! There are only 11 kids in her class! I’m excited to have time with Luke one on one while she is in school! They are both so big, and (usually) very sweet. We just converted Luke’s crib to a toddler bed, so that has been fun (he likes to escape, so we have to shut his bedroom door!) He likes to say “I do it!,” “No, me!,” and tries to do everything just like Virginia!