About Me

Me and my handsome man!

Hello! My name is Rachel!  I am a recent college graduate/newlywed/Baltimoron*. Growing up in the Air Force, I got to travel and meet a lot of great people. I met the best person in the entire world while studying English at college in Tennessee, and a few months later we were engaged, and then married, and re-located to Baltimore! I’m obsessed with the Food Network, pancakes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and my red Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Now that I have my own kitchen and a ridiculous amount of red kitchen appliances, I’m ready to try my hand at cooking!

*While on one of many plane rides from Nashville to Baltimore, I met a man from Baltimore on his way home to visit family. When he found out I soon would be moving to the area, he told me, “Oh great! You’ll be a Baltimoron too!” I don’t know if this is a common term, but I love it! (I really hope he meant it in a lovable way!)


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