It’s been a while!

So I haven’t written on here since Virginia was three weeks old, and she will be two in a little over a month! So obviously we have been busy! In that time, I went back to work at the bank, quit my job at the bank in December of 2013, started working for an eye doctor to have better hours and more pay, and then stopped working full time in May of 2014 when Cindy and Rick moved back to Tennessee (we didn’t want Virginia in daycare!). I was so happy to be a stay at home mom! I still worked for the eye doctor every other Saturday morning, which was nice to get out of the house on my own, and give Joe time with Virginia alone! We went to the beach condo in South Carolina for July 4th, 2014, Virginia loved the beach! We went to Tennessee for Virginia’s first birthday, and got to spend a lot of time with family! For our second Thanksgiving in Baltimore, Molly came to see us. We had a couple of Joe’s friends from work over, and Molly and I made the whole dinner by ourselves! We went back to Tennessee for Christmas and Virginia was much more excited to open presents than she was at her first Christmas!

In January Joe was offered a job at Bungie, an awesome video game company located in Seattle. He had applied on a lark, and then got an interview, and when they offered the job we were over the moon! It was a huge step up for Joe’s career, but meant a huge move to Seattle! We took about two seconds to decide to accept the offer! In about two weeks we hammered out all the details, found a place to live, hired a moving company, gave Zenimax notice, sold the Del Sol (it wasn’t going to make a cross country drive, even though it broke our heart to get rid of it) and left Baltimore! The mover’s came and packed us up on Joe’s last day at Zenimax (which was also his 26th birthday), and we left that afternoon to head to Tennessee! We had a birthday party/going away party with both of our families, and a few days later Joe and I hit the road to Seattle. Virginia stayed in Tennessee with our parents, spending time with both sets of grandparents. Joe and I made it to Seattle on February 6th. It was a very long trip, but we had a great time together! Rick and Cindy flew Virginia up to Seattle once we made it to our condo. We didn’t have furniture for about three weeks and lived on an air mattress, with just a laptop for entertainment.

Joe started his new job, and we started learning our way around our new area. It didn’t rain near as much as we thought it would, and we loved it pretty much right away! I joined a Mom’s club pretty quick and started taking Virginia to play dates. We knew we wanted Virginia to have a sibling pretty soon, so we had sort of been trying for baby number two. In early March I took a test because I’d been feeling nauseous, and it came up positive! Joe had already left for work, but I was worried it was a false positive. I bought another two tests, and they both came up positive! I was so excited!! I quickly found one of Virginia’s plan white onesies and used markers to write “Big Sis” on it. She was wearing it when Joe came home from work. It took him a minute to read her shirt, but he was so surprised! We couldn’t believe we were having another!

So we are due November 18th 2015 with Virginia’s little brother! That’s right, a little boy! We just found out on July 1st at 20 weeks that we are having a boy! The pregnancy is flying by and we decided to find out the gender this time. When the ultrasound technician told us we were having a boy, I looked at Joe and his face completely lit up. We would have been happy either way, but we are so thrilled to have a son! Virginia doesn’t really understand that she’s going to have a brother, but she does get really excited when we talk about the baby. Our families are so excited too! Callie just had a little girl on June 30th, Lillian Jade. Rebecca is having a boy in late August. The cousins are going to be so cute playing together in a few years! Because I’ve taken so long to get back on this blog thing, I decided to do the pregnancy update I did with Virginia!

How far along? 20 weeks!

Total weight gain: This time I started out at 123 pounds, I was really lucky after Virginia and was thinner than I was before I got pregnant with her! I’m up to 134, so I’m gaining just a tad bit more at this point than I did at 20 weeks with Virginia. I’m trying to stay on track to gain around 30 pounds though.
Maternity clothes? I wear mainly skirts and loose tops, but I have to wear my maternity shorts and jeans because my regular ones stopped buttoning around 13 weeks.
Stretch marks? Just a few light ones that I think are from losing weight after Virginia was born.
Sleep: I have to pee a few times a night, and Virginia wakes me up between 5:30 and 6:30 every morning, so sleep is kind of rough! I’ve started napping in the afternoon when Virginia naps if I really need it.
Best moment this week: One of Joe’s perks from Bungie is that we get to use a nanny service for free. Last night we booked a nanny for the first time, and left Virginia to go out to dinner and a movie! The nanny got here on time and seemed totally competent, and Virginia didn’t even cry when we left! We went to a burger place that was really good, and saw Jurassic World. We had a great time! And the nanny said Virginia did great, and was really impressed with her manners! We will definitely take advantage of that again a few times before the new baby is born.

Miss Anything? Once again I am pregnant during summer, and would really love to have a sangria! But I’m doing okay!
Movement: I started feeling this baby around 18 weeks, but now at over 20 weeks I feel little kicks and nudges all day! Nothing strong enough for Joe to feel though.
Food cravings: I crave pretty much everything I see a commercial on tv for. I always want burgers and pizza!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Random smells, but I feel good most of the time!
Gender: Definitely a boy! Was not shy about showing us his parts at the ultrasound! I even had a suspicion it was a boy from the 13 week ultrasound! It is so much fun knowing the sex this time around! I’m glad we were surprised with Virginia, but it is fun to know this time around and get to kind of plan for a little guy!

Labor Signs: Nothing yet, and hopefully not for a while!
Symptoms: Just tired, starving all the time, and getting big!
Belly Button in or out? In! But it looks like a crater.
Wedding rings on or off? On! No swelling yet, but we’ve been in a bit of a heat wave so it may happen soon.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy happy happy! Feeling good and so excited to add another baby to our family!
Looking forward to: Spending more time with Virginia and Joe while it is just the three of us, going on dates with Joe, celebrating my birthday in a few weeks, and going back to Tennessee in August to celebrate Virginia’s second birthday and have a baby shower for our little man!!