How to have a perfect day.

So I basically dropped off the face of the blog world, my bad. I’d been getting a little too jiggly since I started making all the desserts and whatnot from Pinterest, so I had to take a break. And I got too lazy to update this thing. This Sunday was one of those really great days, and I feel like it should be remembered!

Sunday was one of those perfect days where everything just makes you happy. First off, we had orange rolls for breakfast. That is a surefire way to make the day awesome. I’ve seen a lot of cinnamon roll recipes, and even a few orange roll recipes, on Pinterest, all boasting to be simple and delicious. Then you look at the ingredients and you have to deal with yeast and waiting around for things to rise, and it honestly just seems like too much of a hassle. Especially when you can go to the grocery store and get these…

Yummm. So I cheated and we had breakfast in 15 minutes! That’s my style. Joe’s company had an awesome picnic about an hour away from home, so we headed out to that before noon. It was a long-ish drive, but well worth it! I knew the company would throw a good bash, because their Christmas party last year was off the chain (lots of great food and a whole casino set up!) ¬†There was barbecue chicken and ribs for lunch, with a bunch of sides. It was literally like a hundred degrees out, but that didn’t stop Joe from jousting with one of his friends.

I’m pretty sure my guy won! And then we got to zipline! It wasn’t the most ellaborate course, but it was free and was a really nice way to cool off!

There was a kickball game as well, which Joe and I watched from the sidelines. It was wayyy too hot to be out there playing.

Back home later that afternoon, I decided to make this meatloaf recipe I’d found off of Pinterest. I’d never made meatloaf before, so I was a little hesistant, but it turned out really great! It was a lot of steps, mixing the meat with the other stuff, forming them into cute little mini-loaves, browning them on the stove, and then covering them with a glaze and finally putting them in the oven. Whew. I got tired just typing all of that out. Here is the recipe I (loosely) followed:¬†

This is how it turned out! (The picture didn’t turn out great, my skills are obviously lacking)

I ended up with 4 mini meatloaves, they were so cute! One of the mini loaves was more than enough for one person, I probably could have made 5 loaves easily. The best part was definitely the glaze, it was amazing. Even though it was super time consuming to make, it was still pretty simple and I was able to clean up as I went along. After dinner we had leftover cheesecake (the kind that you cheat and make out of a box and refrigerate) and watched Food Network Star! Joe and I are totally hooked and there is only one episode left!

So that was our super great Sunday! And today, July 18th, is my 23rd birthday! I feel like just yesterday I was turning 21, and now my sister Rebecca is 21! Time flies. The hubs is taking me to the Melting Pot tonight to celebrate and then I get presents! It’s all very exciting. Tomorrow, the 19th, is our 5 month wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it! Lets see if I can manage to start blogging again at a normal rate!