Spring is here!

A lot has happened this month, and we’re only going to be busier in the next few months! I had Lasik done on April 5th. Joe was with me for the appointment, and was able to actually watch the procedure. It was over pretty quick, and it didn’t hurt, but it was a really weird thing to go through! The surgeon explained everything as it was happening. First he put the laser over my left eye, my vision went dark for a few seconds, the laser did it’s thing for like 15 seconds, and then he did my right eye. Then he slid my head over and the laser sliced both eyes again for another few seconds. They had me sit up and even though things were blurry, I could open my eyes right away.

They gave me drops to keep my eyes numb for the rest of the night, to help with any pain. We picked up McDonald’s on the way home, and after the nanny left we all sat at the table and ate dinner. My eyes were red and watery, but Virginia didn’t seem alarmed at all! After we ate I got in bed with a cool washcloth on my eyes and tried to go to sleep. At first I didn’t feel too bad, but my eyes started to burn and water. I had a headache from the pressure in my eyes, and it felt like there was sand in my eyes. I spent about two hours tossing around in bed trying to get comfortable to fall asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I could see and the pain was gone! It was pretty amazing.

Having Lasik done was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I’m still putting drops in my eyes every few hours, but in the next few weeks I’ll be able to use them sporadically. It feels amazing to just wake up and be able to see what time the alarm clock says. I don’t have to deal with contacts, or with the kids hitting my glasses or smudging the lenses. Virginia thinks it’s cool that I can see all the time now. I told her a robot fixed my eyes, and the morning after it was done she asked if she could meet the robot. I told her he wasn’t a talking robot, and she told me, “I’m going to sneak up to him and talk to him!” She’s funny.

Easter weekend was so much fun with the kids! That Friday afternoon we went to Bungie and saw the Easter bunny for pictures. The kids got little Easter baskets and had fun walking around Joe’s office. On Saturday morning the kids and I made blackberry muffins from scratch before Joe woke up. They were a little time consuming (I even made a streusel topping) but they turned out really good! We had our ECM egg hunt at a playground in Kirkland. The weather was perfect, it was sunny and almost warm out! The kids had fun playing on the playground and hunting eggs. Saturday afternoon we dyed eggs with shaving cream and food coloring, which was messy and not as vibrant as I’d hoped, but Virginia had fun. We made a brownie bunny cake, which turned out kind of creepy but still tasted good!

Sunday morning we “found” our Easter baskets that the bunny had hidden after Joe woke up. Virginia loved her musical jewelry box, and the barrel of monkeys. Luke was most interested in the Batmobile hot wheels car in his basket. They both immediately went for the chocolate in their baskets. We went to Heather’s house for an Easter brunch and egg hunt. Denae, Jason, and Xander were also there. Heather hid a ton of eggs in their backyard, and luckily it was still sunny and warm! After the hunt we had waffles, bacon, sausage, quiche, and I’d made hashbrown cups and a fruit salad. Denae brought champagne so we had mimosas! It was really nice to have somewhere to go! The kids all had fun and played well together, and there weren’t a bunch of people so it was fun to hang out!

Luke managed to climb out of his crib a few mornings ago, so we had to turn the crib around to make it harder for him to escape. Luckily he didn’t get hurt, but I think he surprised himself when he fell out! We’ve been looking at rental houses, and I’ve been explaining to Virginia that when we move she will have her own room. I told her that Luke would sleep in his own room at night, and Virginia told me, “…but then I’ll be lonely!” She’s so sweet! They get on each other’s nerves, but they also love each other so much already!

Luke understands so much, and he’s getting so big! He says Momma, Dadda, please, that, done, ta-da, and if you ask him how old he is he holds up one finger and smiles. He eats constantly, and so far isn’t picky at all. Virginia on the other hand has to be bribed to try everything on her plate at dinner. They both have big sweet tooths like their parents! Luckily they like brushing their teeth, fingers crossed for no cavities.

One of the cutest things that Virginia does right now, is when we all are sitting down eating dinner she says to Joe, “I want to hear about your game daddy!” Every night she likes to hear about his day. She loves playing Nintendo Switch games with him before bed! Once they are tucked in at night, Virginia likes me to tell her a story (I usually just tell her about the fun things we did that day) and we sing a song. Most nights we sing “You are my Sunshine,” the ABC’s, or “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Luke hums along with us. Before I leave their room, I tell them “sweet dreams,” and Virginia has started saying “sweet dreams to you too mommy!” I love our sweet babies!


I’m getting bionic eyes!

I’m having Lasik done! After ten years of dealing with contacts and glasses, I’ve decided I deserve to have working eyes. I’m going to a place that is well reviewed and hopefully by Easter I’ll be seeing with great vision! I’m having it done on April 12th, so I’ll be done with contacts and everything before my trip to Phoenix for Gracie’s bachelorette weekend, and Molly’s graduation in May, and our big summer trip back home in July! Joe is a little nervous about it, but I’ve heard so many great things about the doctor who is doing it that I’m just excited!

Virginia and I saw Beauty and the Beast at the theatre the weekend it came out. We saw it at an Imax theatre, and I was so surprised that it was mostly empty! It was great because I wasn’t worried when Virginia talked to me or sang along. The movie was way better than I was expecting! Everything about it was beautiful, and they added some really neat scenes that gave more background on both Belle and the Beast! I was so glad that Virginia and I got to see it together! After the movie we went to Lot 3 and had lunch. She was so sweet!

The weather is getting nicer, so we are trying to get outside more. The other day Virginia asked to ride her bike (she has a balance bike) so we went out to the sidewalk. She insisted on wearing her helmet, even though her speed is barely a crawl on the bike! She hasn’t really gotten the hang of it, she is supposed to push with her feet and the hold her feet up. She is too afraid to put her feet up unless Joe is holding the bike up for her. I think we may be looking at getting her a regular tricycle soon! Luke even tried to get on the bike, but he is still a little small for it.

Lately, Luke has been trying to jump out of his highchair at dinner. We decided he’d be happier in a booster chair like Virginia! We bought him one over the weekend, and the first time we had dinner with both kids sitting in booster seats Joe and I just looked at each other and smiled! They are so big!

Yesterday it was kind of drizzly, so we went to the arcade in Lincoln Square. We played a bunch of games, and Virginia asked if we could take pictures in a photo booth! We won a ton of tickets, and Virginia played the claw game and actually won a stuffed unicorn completely on her own! Joe and I were so surprised that she did it! Afterwards we went to lunch at Tavern Hall. We’re so lucky that the kids like going out to restaurants! I have friends who cannot take their kids to sit down restaurants, but Joe and I love it and would be so bummed if we couldn’t go out!



Almost Spring!

Callie and Lillian left earlier this week, we had a great visit! The weather did not cooperate as I’d hoped, it rained pretty much the whole time. There was one afternoon that was nice enough for us to go to our favorite playground, but it was cold and muddy. The kids didn’t mind and had a good time! We went to Wiggle Works in Crossroads Mall, met Joe for lunch in Bellevue, went to the new Children’s Museum in Bellevue, went to Seattle to the Children’s Museum, and went to Snoqualmie Falls!

The Seattle Children’s Museum was awesome, and even though we went on a rainy Saturday morning it wasn’t too busy. The kids ran free and had a great time! Snoqualmie Falls was also really neat, Joe hadn’t been before and when the kids and I went with Gracie and Matt back in August it hadn’t rained much, so it was much more powerful now! The kids all played really well together, and slept pretty good for us at night. Lillian didn’t want to nap while she was here, but Virginia and Luke weren’t bothered by that and still took their naps.

Lillian definitely has more energy than my kids, she doesn’t ever sit still! I take it for granted that my kids like to cuddle on the couch and watch movies with me! I was afraid our neighbors would come yell at us because Lillian jumps around and makes a lot more noise than Virginia and Luke. She’s definitely used to living in a big house! She said the cutest thing though, she was looking out the kids window and said, “No cows?” Most kids don’t grow up with cows out their bedroom window! Ha. I was really impressed with how well spoken she was, it was great because Virginia loves having someone else to talk to!

I was so proud of Callie for bringing Lillian out here alone. I know it isn’t fun traveling with little kids, but Lillian did pretty well on both legs of the trip, even with layovers. I think the sooner you get kids out and traveling, the easier it gets. Callie and I were able to go out one night after the kids had gone to bed to do some shopping, and another night Joe made us margarita’s after the kids went down. It was really great to be able to visit and hang out!

The condo felt very small with Callie and Lillian here, I can’t wait to be in a house and have more room to spread out! Joe got another raise at his last review, and a really nice bonus, but we’re back to thinking that we need to rent another year before we’re really able to buy a house. I think we’ll be able to find a great rental house with three bedrooms and a back yard (hopefully without going broke!) It’s amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over the past two years here. I’ve been donating old clothes and getting rid of a lot of stuff that we just don’t need anymore. Luke is almost ready to be in a booster seat at the table instead of a high chair, and soon he’ll be ready for a bed instead of his crib.

We mentioned to Virginia that Luke was almost too big for his crib, and she told us, “You can put his big bed next to mine!” It was so sweet. I think they’ll both be a little sad when they aren’t sharing a room anymore, but hopefully they’ll adjust to it quickly! It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and I told Virginia we would do a craft. Time to get covered in green paint!

Getting back in the habit!

I was surprised to find out that it has been almost a year since I last wrote! I miss writing, and if my handwriting wasn’t so horrible I would love to write in a real book. This is pretty convenient though, and will hopefully be easier for Virginia or Luke to read when they are older! I would love to know what my parents were like before they had me and my sisters, what it was like while we were growing up. I’m lucky that my mom took so many pictures, Cindy was also great at keeping photos. Even if Virginia and Luke have no interest in these posts, at least I’ll be able to look back when they are older. Virginia says the funniest things every day, and they both grow so fast. I take pictures and videos, but I want to remember everything.

The other week, Joe was working late one night so I made grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for dinner (the kids and I love it!) I was multitasking and kind of burnt Virginia’s sandwich. I figured she wouldn’t notice, so we all sat down with our food. Virginia picked up a triangle, looked at it for a minute, and said to me, “You didn’t make this very well.” It was the most honest, hilarious thing she’d ever said to me! After that I decided I need to start writing these things down!

Cindy came in last weekend and watched the kids so that Joe and I could go to Vancouver for two nights. We are so lucky that our parents are physically and mentally able to take care of the kids, and that they want to! Cindy has been so busy taking care of Papa Joe and planning the wedding with Gracie, we were so glad she wanted to come spend some time here! Virginia and Luke had a great time with Cindy, and Joe and I were able to get away! We drove to Vancouver on Saturday morning and came back Monday afternoon.

I love Seattle and think it is the prettiest place I have ever lived in (aside from Germany), but Vancouver was amazing. It was beautiful, the food was awesome, and there was so much to do! We walked around downtown, went to Granville Island, drove around Stanley Park, walked across the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge, saw a movie, and ate a ton of good food. Our hotel was in a great location, and we spent a lot of great time relaxing! It was a perfect 5 year anniversary trip!

Cindy left on Tuesday morning super early, so Monday night at bedtime Cindy said goodbye to Virginia. That poor girl loves her Mimi so much, after we put them to bed I could hear Virginia making noise in their room. I went to check on her, and she was crying and saying “I don’t want Mimi to go!” So we let her sit with Mimi on the couch a little later than usual! When Luke woke up in the morning, he was fussing in his crib. Virginia came up to him and said, “I know you miss Mimi, but I miss her more.” I laughed so hard! She’s a hoot.

Virginia is in her second session of Ballet/Tap/Gymnastics, and Luke is in a gymnastics class for toddlers. Yesterday I snuck upstairs to peek at Virginia and help her get her tap shoes on. There are seven girls in her class, and when they put their tap shoes on and run into the classroom it is deafening! The shoes must be slippery, I just happened to be taking a video and she wiped out! It was so cute, she just bounced right back up and gave me a thumbs up! She’s a trooper.

Luke is so big, I feel like he is much more mobile than Virginia was at his age. He just had his first real hair cut last week and is such a handsome little guy! He had his 15 month check up, he is three pounds heavier and two inches taller than Virginia was at that age! Pretty impressive! He doesn’t say much aside from “Mama” and “Dada”, but he tries to say “Please” when eating! He loves to play with Virginia, loves Sesame Street, loves to dance, and wants to eat all the time. Luckily for me, he still likes to cuddle with me! He’s big on hugs and kisses, and waves at strangers.

I am so grateful for my family. Joe is an amazing husband and father, and having kids has made us love each other more and work together even better. Virginia is very much like me (control freak, has to be clean, but very sweet and thoughtful) and Luke is just like Joe (loves to sleep, super laid back, also very sweet.) All in all, we have it pretty good! I’ll try and update this as funny things happen! Hopefully not in another year from now…


Almost Spring!

We had a great trip to Tennessee at the end of January! We bought non-stop tickets on Alaska Air instead of trying to go on buddy passes, and it was amazing! We got to the airport and didn’t have the added stress of wondering if we were going to make the flight! Virginia was so excited to go on a plane, we boarded the flight and she was so good! I figured out that Luke was almost exactly the same as Virginia was for her first flight. The flight was about 4 hours, and both kids were perfect! No tears from either of them at all. We landed at BNA and Rick was waiting for us right outside our gate! Virginia was so happy to see Pops! Cindy picked us up and we headed to their house.

Gracie and Matt were already at the house, we were pretty excited to meet him. Virginia was happy to be at Mimi and Pops’ house and see Missy and all of her toys there! She immediately made Matt have a tea party with her. The Mayo’s and Henson’s came over for dinner and we had a party for Gracie and Joe. Virginia was super well behaved even after the long flight and no nap (she literally didn’t sleep at all on the flight like I’d hoped). Luke was also very sweet and just happy to hang out. After dinner and presents, we started getting Luke and Virginia ready for bed. The time change had us all a little out of whack.

I had bought tickets for Joe, Gracie, Matt and I to do the Escape Game in Nashville, so we left to do that around 9:30. We did the Nashville room and were paired with one other couple. Joe and I were the only ones that had done an Escape room before, so it was fun to kind of have the upper hand! We all worked great together and the room was so much fun! We made it out with almost 15 minutes to spare!

Sunday morning we all hung out a bit, but Matt and Gracie had to drive back to Charlotte and we had to get to Lebanon for Joe’s party at the farm. Mom was amazing and picked up Joe’s cake and all the sides, and we just had to pick up the bbq. The usual people came over, and everyone was super excited to meet Luke! Virginia had fun seeing Lillian and Christian. I couldn’t believe how big they both are, especially Christian! He was so much bigger than I was expecting! It was so great to finally be in the farmhouse, it looks amazing! I’m so glad it is finally done and they are all settled! There was so much room to move around and hang out.

Sunday night Joe and I had reservations for The Mad Platter, so we got dressed up and went out. Something wasn’t sitting right with me though, and I started feeling super sick at the restaurant. I had ordered mushroom risotto, but I couldn’t even eat it. Joe ate his dinner really quick and we rushed back to the farm. I felt fine by the morning, and felt horrible for making us rush through a date (especially a pricey one!) We hung out Monday in Lebanon, and Tuesday we drove to Maryville.

The kids were both great on the way to Maryville, sleeping most of the way there. Nana Blackburn made tacos for lunch and we ate with Papa Charlie. He seemed to be doing as well as expected, but he didn’t say much during lunch. Virginia had fun running around their house, and Luke was in a good mood. Tim, Jean, and the girls came over when the girls got out of school so we got to visit with them. We stayed until about 6 and then headed out. We stopped at Sonic to get dinner, and it was packed because they had some special running that night. It took a while to get our food and eat (the weather was so nice we were able to sit at a table on the patio!) We got on the road and Virginia was kind of crabby, she wanted me to sit in the backseat with her and Luke but I didn’t want to be squished. Halfway home we stopped to get gas and feed Luke and change his diaper, and Joe spilled diesel gas all over his pants and shoes. He had to take off his pants and shoes and leave them in the trunk because it smelled so strongly! Both kids were upset most of the way home so it made for a very long two hour drive!

We hung out in Lebanon on Wednesday, and then went to Thompson’s Station Thursday. Rick got home from his trip Friday, so it was nice that he got to see the kids again! On Saturday we went out to lunch and went to a playground for Virginia. My parents and grandma Carol drove out Saturday night for dinner, we tried to go to Mellow Mushroom but it was crazy packed so we just got Papa Murphy’s and ate at Rick and Cindy’s house. It was easier that way, we got to hang out and not worry about entertaining the kids. We got to go to Chuy’s for lunch on Sunday before heading to the airport.

The flight home was about an hour longer, but the kids still managed to be really well behaved. We landed just before 8 our time and got our bags, got the shuttle to our car, and were home around 9. It was such a great trip, we spent our time in Lebanon just hanging out with my family. Virginia loved seeing her cousins, and Joe and I managed to see a movie and go out to eat without the kids a few times. At the farm Virginia gets to play with Willow, and she loves giving the dogs treats every day with mom.

We’ve been busy with our playdates, gymnastics, and other fun stuff since we got home. Luke is such an easy baby that we’ve been getting out on the weekends to do errands and explore different areas. It is so nice that Joe has his own car again, he has been working late the past few weeks and it is always great when he can grab dinner on his way home!

Virginia has started to show a lot of my traits, like being a bit of a control freak. If we don’t do things her way, she throws a fit. We’re working on getting her to be more easy going but she is very independent and stubborn. She is so smart though, so we have to be careful what we say in front of her! She is so sweet to Luke though, she really is a great big sister! The other weekend I asked Virginia if she wanted to go to the grocery store with me, and she asked if baby Luke was coming with us. I told her he was staying home with daddy, and she started crying and said she needed to stay with Luke. It was adorable, and great for me because I got to grocery shop alone!

Virginia has learned me and Joe’s names, and that our last name is Blackburn. So we do role call every day, but she calls Luke “baby Luke Blackburn.” Luke is almost four months old, and really is just the sweetest little boy. He smiles if you smile at him, giggles if you tickle his sides, and loves to sit up and watch Virginia play. He has pretty good control of his head, and we have started letting him sit in the Bumbo.

I’ve been really lucky the past few weeks to get to go out and have breaks with my girlfriends. A few weeks ago I did Bunco, then a dinner out, then a baby shower brunch, and last weekend I walked a 5K race in Seattle. Joe is amazing and doesn’t make me feel bad for taking time to myself! He has been working really hard, and it has paid off! He just had a review and got the highest score he could. Because of the great review he gets a big bonus, and a promotion with a pay raise! I was pretty sure he would get a great review, but we were both surprised by the promotion! I’m so proud of him!

Life as a family of four!

Luke is already two months old! I meant to update this after my parents left, but kept getting distracted! It was so much fun having my parents visit. Virginia kept them busy the entire time, and loved having all the extra attention! We went to the Pike Place Market, drove around Seattle. Mom and dad went with us to one of Virginia’s gymnastics classes and Virginia made them both jump with her. It was kind of rainy while they were here, so we stayed at home a lot and just hung out. We all went and picked out a Christmas tree, and then mom and dad set it up and we put all our decorations up. Virginia loved seeing the tree all lit up!

We had a great first Christmas! I was a little bummed about not being able to go to Tennesee, but it was so much fun as just the four of us. Joe took the week before and the week after Christmas off of work, so we had so much time to just hang out! On Christmas Eve we got Virginia and Luke to sleep and got to build her kitchen, and set up all the presents and stockings. Virginia was really excited about Christmas this year, so it was really fun for Joe and I to get everything ready for her!

Virginia actually slept in a bit, and we started our morning around 6 am. I made us sausage balls and a Kringle for breakfast, and we started on our stockings! Luke pretty much just slept through the morning, so we got to focus on Virginia! She was so cute, she would open a present and then want to stop and play with it for a while. Joe and I opened presents in between Virginia, it took us more than three hours to get through everything! Joe got me a really nice laptop, and a bunch of Harry Potter stuff. Joe liked all of his new clothes and got some other good stuff. Virginia was so happy when she opened her kitchen!

We spent the rest of the day playing with our new stuff! We did some video chatting with our families and Joe grilled steaks for dinner. The Sunday after Christmas we got to visit with Tim, Jean, Audrey and Jordis. They were visiting Jean’s parents in Seattle and came by our place to visit for a few hours. It was really neat to see them out here!

We didn’t do anything exciting for New Years, I’m pretty sure we were all asleep by 9 pm! Joe went back to work and I got to really see what it was like to be on my own during the days with two kids! Luckily Luke and Virginia are both really great kids, and we have been doing great! We go out every day for a play date or gymnastics, and Luke hasn’t caused any problems! There are times when Luke gets fussy and Virginia wants me to play with her, but she is pretty good about waiting on me to settle Luke down.

Joe’s company party was on January 16th, and we had our first date night since Luke was born! Bungie gave me a $125 gift card to ProClub, so I used it at their salon to get my hair and make up done. I looked great, and it was fun to get pampered! I was worried about leaving Luke with a nanny, but he was half asleep when she got to our house, so I thought he’d be okay. Virginia got a little nervous but was fine by the time we left! We took an Uber to Bellevue, but got to the party early so walked over to Lot 3 and had a drink! We felt pretty fancy, and the drinks were really good! We walked back over to the party just in time for the dinner buffet. The food was great, and we sat with a bunch of Joe’s friends. The party wasn’t like Zenimax parties, it was really just a dinner party. The place was completely packed, there were like 700 people there! We walked around and talking to different people. We stayed until 11 and then I was ready to fall asleep so we took an Uber home. We got a good report from the nanny, which made me feel much better about future date nights!

We’d been looking at new and used cars for Joe, thinking we’d buy him something after we got our tax refund and Joe’s bonus. We hadn’t really decided if we were going to go new or used, but we knew we wanted a bigger car than my Scion. We just happened to stop by the Honda dealership by our house the day after Joe’s party, and Joe test drove some of their used cars. There was a 2009 Ford Escape that Joe really liked, so I went and test drove it as well. It was a really good price, and we could finance it for really low payments, so we bought it! I was so excited for Joe to get a car! The next day was MLK day, so Joe had the day off. We went and got a car seat for Virginia and a base for Luke, and we were all set! Now he doesn’t have to wait on the bus in the rain, or miss dinner when he has to work late! The trunk is so big, we can fit the stroller and groceries back there!

Robbie and Molly watched the kids for us last Friday so Joe and I could finally go see Star Wars together. Virginia was so excited to see them, she fell in love with them when they came over for Thanksgiving. We got some pizzas so we could all have dinner, and then Joe and I took off to the theatre. We saw Star Wars in Imax 3D, the movie was awesome but I would have enjoyed it more in 2D because I’m lame. Those silly 3D glasses are the worst! It was great to just have a movie date with Joe! The next night I went and played Bunco with my friends. I had two glasses of wine and ate a bunch of sweets! I tied for most games won and most buncos, it was a lot of fun!

Virginia and I took Luke to his two month check up yesterday. He weighs 11 pounds 14 ounces, he’s a chunk! His height and weight are both in the 50th percentile! The doctor said he looks great, and she let Virginia help look at Luke’s ears and eyes! It was pretty sweet. Luke had to get three shots, and he cried so loud that I wanted to cry too! I had to stay strong in front of Virginia though. Luke was a little fussy the rest of the day, and Joe had to work late, but we all managed to stay sane!

We leave for Tennessee early Saturday, I can hardly wait! Virginia is going to have so much fun seeing everyone, and everyone is going to love Luke! I’m looking forward to Joe being with us the whole vacation! We’re having two birthday parties for him, and I have a lot of fun stuff planned for us!

Joe and I are so lucky to have two awesome kids. I feel like we really hit he jackpot. Virginia can be emotional and crazy, but she is also so sweet and so smart. Every day she makes me proud to be her mom! I can’t wait to see what Luke is like as he gets older! I have my hands full when Joe is at work, but I love it! And when Joe is home, we have so much fun! He is the best dad, I got really lucky!




Life with two kids!

Luke is almost two weeks old, and I am on day three of being home alone with two kids! I didn’t know what to expect, but so far things have been going pretty smoothly! We got home from the hospital, and Virginia pretty much immediately got used to Luke being home! She kept checking on him in his rock and play, and when I fed him she liked to hang out next to us but it never seemed to weird her out or make her jealous! She likes to bring me his diapers for diaper changes, and likes to hold Luke on the couch!

Cindy was great about making sure Virginia got out during the day. They would walk to Safeway or Baskin Robbins, or she and Joe would take Virginia on a Target run. Luke has been a really calm baby, he only cries when you change his diaper, and aside from that just eats and sleeps! On our 3rd day home we had a postpartum check up at the hospital, and we also had his circumcision done. Right before the circumcision appointment I got really nervous, I didn’t want to hurt Luke! But the doctor was great, and it was over really quick. He didn’t even cry! The postpartum appointment went great, Luke wasn’t jaundiced and had already made it back up to his birth weight!

My milk came in really quick, and just like with Virginia I immediately had way too much milk! It’s a blessing and a curse! Luke gets flooded with milk and ends up spitting some back up. I have to be really careful about burping him! My boobs are huge and hard as a rock all the time, but at least this time I didn’t have any issues with cracking or bleeding, and Luke has always had a good latch.

The day before Thanksgiving I made my cranberry apple sauce and twice baked potato casserole. I also baked the pumpkin pie. On Thanksgiving, Joe and Cindy got the turkey ready and had it in the oven at 8 am! We watched the Macy’s Parade and relaxed. Bo, Robbie, and Molly came over right before 1. The turkey came out perfectly, and Cindy and I got the rest of the sides cooked. Everything was ready on time and warm! Best of all, Luke ate right before everyone showed up and slept peacefully through lunch! Virginia was so excited that we had a bunch of people over, and she was very sweet. We took a long time eating lunch, and Virginia eventually fell asleep on the couch!

We were all having a good time talking and hanging out, and everyone ended up staying until after 9! We put out leftovers around 7 and people made sandwiches. We put Virginia to bed at 8, and I was exhausted and got ready for bed at 9. Joe finally got everyone to leave after I’d gotten in bed! It was a long day! Joe drove Cindy to the airport early Friday morning.

We spent our first weekend as just the four of us being lazy! We took a drive Saturday. Sunday we made a trip to Target. Joe went back to work on Monday, and Luke had his one week check up at the pediatrician. I was nervous about getting there on time with both kids by myself, and it was easier than I expected! I got Virginia ready, then Luke, warmed up the car, and loaded up the kids! We made it the appointment on time, and Luke looked great! His doctor is really nice. He was up to 7 lbs 8 ounces, and his jaundice levels were okay! Virginia was so sweet during the appointment. Luke had to get one shot and had his heel pricked for the PKU test, and when he cried Virginia came up to him and said “It’s okay Luke!”

On Tuesday we went to our usual play date, and it went great! Luke slept the whole time, luckily he likes car rides! Virginia got to play and I got to catch up with my mom friends! On the way home Luke got hungry and started crying, and Virginia kept telling him, “It’s okay Luke!” and then she started telling him “Calm down!” Haha.

My parents are flying in tonight and will be here a week! I’m super excited for them to meet Luke, and to show them around where we live! I’m sure as Luke gets older and is awake more, it will get harder to juggle two kids. For now we’re doing okay! Virginia has just adapted so quickly, it’s been really impressive! I’m glad Joe and I decided to only have two kids though, I can’t imagine me versus three kids on my own all day! Haha. We’re lucky we got two great kids!

Luke is here!

We have our son! Luke Corley Blackburn was born on Saturday November 21st at 11:28 am! My due date came and went, after I was so sure he’d be here early! Poor Joe was so nervous about being at work and not being able to get home in time, he took Thursday and Friday off work. We spent the days getting out so I could walk. Thursday night Virginia stayed home with Cindy so Joe and I could go to Wing Dome for dinner. I thought eating spicy chicken would start something! It didn’t work, but Joe and I got to have a dinner out so it was still nice!

Friday I still felt normal, but by Friday evening I was feeling occasional contractions. I woke up at 5 Saturday morning and heard Cindy and Virginia waking up, but felt a contraction. I stayed in bed for a while and started timing the contractions, and by 6 they were pretty consistent. It felt like it did in the beginning with Virginia, so I knew I was in labor finally! I woke up Joe and told him we should get ready. We took showers, and I ate some toast and called the maternity center to let them know I’d be on my way!

We said goodbye to Virginia, and told her we were going to have baby Luke and that we would see her soon. She didn’t really understand and got a little sad, but Cindy distracted her and we took off. We were on our way to the hospital at 7:45, and I called Callie on the way to spread the news to my parents.

I checked in at the hospital, and the guy at the desk was a little surprised that we had brought all of our stuff in with us. I told him this was my second baby and that I knew it was go time! We went back to a triage room with our nurse, and she got me hooked up to a contraction machine and checked me. I was already 6-7 centimeters! That was reassuring! She said she’d go find us a room and off we went! Luckily it was a short walk, because by this point I was getting uncomfortable.

Our room was pretty big, and our nurse was super nice. She was impressed with how well I was handling the pain, especially considering how far into labor I was. When I was in labor with Virginia, Joe looked a little nervous the whole time, but this time around he was a total pro! He was totally calm, kept reassuring me about how great I was doing, and massaged my back during contractions which helped the pain a ton.  Since I was doing well, my nurse let me just have a hep lock, which meant I wasn’t hooked up to an IV the whole time. She also did intermittent monitoring of the baby, so for most of the time I was contracting I wasn’t hooked up to anything at all. It was nice to be able to roll around to try and stay comfortable.

By 10:30 the contractions were pretty much constant, and I was starting to get really uncomfortable. I got out of bed and leaned over on a yoga ball, which helped a little. The nurse checked me, and I was past 9 centimeters! I’d made it through transition without asking for any drugs! I was definitely feeling the pain but was handling it. Since I was so close to pushing, they called the on call doctor to come break my water. I was a little bummed that Dr. Shockett wasn’t there, but I wasn’t really worried about it. The on call doctor was very nice, and very impressed with how well I was doing when she came to break my water. Once that was done, the contractions were ten times more painful. There was also a bit of meconium in the water, so the doctor told me some people from the NICU would be there when I delivered to make sure the baby hadn’t swallowed any of it. That made me a little nervous, but I knew it was pretty common. I got out of the bed to lean on the yoga ball, but my water kept gushing down my leg and it was grossing me out. I got back in bed and just hoped it would be time to push soon!

I was in so much pain, I couldn’t really feel any need to push. The contractions kept on coming, and the nurse told me to push when I felt contractions to get the baby to move further down. I tried my best, but didn’t really think I was doing anything. Finally at 11 the doctor came back, and got all suited up. I was laying in the bed and they were having me hold my legs and push, but I was so uncomfortable and felt like I wasn’t doing anything. I was holding my breath while I was pushing, which is not what you are supposed to do, and I got so light headed I thought I was going to pass out! They had to give me oxygen for a minute and hooked up my IV to fluids.

I finally caught my breathe and pushed when they told me, and after about three good pushes the doctor asked me if I wanted to feel his head! I kind of yelled no and kept on pushing. All of a sudden he was out and on my chest! I’m pretty sure I just said, “He’s here!” He cried right away, so the NICU people got to leave. The hospital has a policy that if the baby is healthy that mom and baby do an hour of skin to skin, which I was happy to do! Luke just got to lay on my chest, which was a great distraction for me while the doctor finished delivering the placenta. I had a small tear that needed to be stitched, but it wasn’t as bad as with Virginia.

Luke had a ton of dark hair, more than I was expecting, and dark blue eyes. He was totally alert, and looked completely perfect! Even the doctor said he had a very nice round head. Haha. Joe and I just stared at him, and I was so thankful that he was okay and that he got to stay with me! After a few minutes, the nurse suggested I try and get him to nurse, and he took to it right away! He also pooped right on me, but I wasn’t too worried about that considering I was covered in sweat and already felt pretty gross. After the hour was up, the nurse weighed him and we found out he was 7 pounds 5 ounces (which was exactly what I had guessed!) and 19.5 inches long. Joe got to help wash his hair a bit and put on his diaper, and then he got to hold him.

We started making all the phone calls, and taking pictures. I felt really good as soon as Luke was out, and ordered some food because it happened to be lunch time. The nurse helped me take a quick shower, and I got dressed in normal clothes. Joe went to go pick up Cindy and Virginia, and I got to hang out with Luke in our room. I was so excited for Virginia to meet Luke, but a little nervous about how she would react. I had Luke bundled up in the bassinet, and I was sitting up in bed when I heard them coming to the room. Virginia came in with a balloon attached to her big sister sweatshirt, and she ran right up to me. Luckily Cindy recorded the whole thing, so we can watch it when the kids are older! She was so excited, and Joe put her up on the bed with me so she could stand up and see Luke. She knew exactly who he was, and was very happy!

She wanted to give me some hugs, and we opened her big sister presents that I had ready for her. Then we let her sit on the couch and Joe helped her hold Luke. She was so sweet and gentle, saying that he was so cute, and kissing his head! I wanted to cry, I was so proud of her! They stayed for an hour or so, and then Joe took them home. Virginia did not want to leave me, but we told her we’d be home in the morning with her brother.

When Joe got back we ordered Jimmy Johns for dinner (the hospital food was pretty bland) and just hung out with our new baby! The hospital didn’t offer a nursery, and I don’t think we would have sent him away even if they had one! He was such a calm baby, he didn’t really cry and only fussed when he was hungry! Our night nurse was really good about coming in to check on us at the same time that I would be up to nurse Luke, so I got a little bit of sleep. In the morning we had breakfast delivered, and the pediatrician came by to check out Luke around 9. I got checked out by the on call doctor, and someone came to give Luke a hearing test that he passed right away. We were all doing great, so we were allowed to leave around 10:30! Joe and I were really happy with how efficient and friendly everyone we met at the hospital was! The hospital Virginia was born at was nice, but Evergreen was really awesome.

We packed up and were on our way home before we knew it! We stopped for donuts and got home to a very happy little girl! She had really missed us, but Cindy took great care of her. I’ll do another post about our first week home, because this is crazy long and took me a few days to write! Having two babies is a full time job! Ha.




It’s my due date!

I am 40 weeks today, and still very pregnant! Virginia was an early bird like me, it looks like baby boy is going to take after his dad and be more relaxed! Cindy flew in on Saturday, Virginia has been so happy to have her here! We spent Saturday afternoon hanging out at the house, Virginia was way too excited to nap. Sunday we went out and did some shopping, and found Virginia a little plastic tea party set. She had been asking to have a tea party with Mimi for weeks, so she had to have one! We had lunch in Bellevue by Joe’s office, and had a lazy afternoon.

On Monday we went to the Seattle Aquarium with Amy, Heather, Denae, and Monica (and their kids of course!) I wanted to walk as much as possible, and keep Virginia on a typical routine of getting to see her friends! She had a blast seeing all the fishies!  We had lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf before heading home. On Tuesday we went to our usual bouncy house play date, and then met one of Cindy’s friends from high school who lives in Redmond for lunch. Virginia was so sweet at lunch, I was so proud of how well behaved she was!

Today is my actual due date, and I am so ready to meet this little boy! I am nervous about how Virginia will react to having to share the attention, but she is so sweet that I think she will really love being a big sister. Virginia and I went to Amy’s house to play with a few other moms and kids this morning, while Cindy had some time to herself at the house. I had my 40 week check up (something I didn’t have with Virginia!) and found out I am 4 centimeters and could go into labor at any time. I am so happy that I am already almost halfway dilated, but I haven’t felt any contractions so far! I ate a ton of pineapple earlier, and have been staying active to try and bring on labor! Joe is at work texting me for updates. We are all ready for this baby to be born!

Since Cindy has arrived, I feel like Virginia has grown up so much! She just looks like such a big kid, and she is so clever! Cindy seems to be impressed with how well she speaks, and how independent she is! I can’t wait to see how baby boy’s personality/looks compare to Virginia!

Final countdown to D-day!

Halloween flew by! For Virginia’s third Halloween, she was a UT cheerleader!  She was adorable. We went to a retirement home in Kirkland the morning of the 30th with the mom’s club. All the kids looked so cute, and the elderly people were so happy to see them! Virginia got a good bit of candy, and was really good at only taking one piece and saying thank you! That night Bungie had a Halloween party for families. They had a bouncy house, a face painter, balloon animals, lots of candy, pizza. We were waiting in line for something, and there was a family in front of us with three kids. Joe didn’t know the guy, but his wife asked how far along I was. When I told her I was due in about 19 days she was so surprised, she thought I was about six months along! That was pretty flattering!

At my 38 week appointment last Monday we had an ultrasound, so Joe and Virginia came along. It was so neat to see the baby on the ultrasound, we could see him blinking, moving his hands, and rolling around. The tech was able to tell us that he is definitely still a boy, and that he has hair! Dr. Schockett said I look great, and that baby boy is head down and ready to go at any time! Luckily I was only dilated to about two centimeters, not too alarming. Joe had the day off work because they were reorganizing the office, so we had a nice lazy day. I’m trying to enjoy our time as a family of three before we become four!

This past weekend we took Virginia to the Seattle Children’s Museum on Saturday. The place was kind of packed, but we had a good time! Virginia is so sweet around other kids, she waits her turn and doesn’t take things from other kids! Sunday night we had a nanny come watch Virginia. Joe and I went to an Italian restaurant (not kid friendly) for dinner and saw Spectre, the new James Bond movie. It was pretty nice to have a night off together! Virginia has become very verbal, and very opinionated, which can be frustrating but also super cute. Getting a little break with Joe was much needed!

Aside from all that, we’ve had some health things to deal with! Joe had some patchy irritated skin on one of his sideburns that he finally went to a dermatologist to get checked out (after way too much time ignoring it), and it turned out to be skin cancer. Luckily it wasn’t melanoma, it was a basal cell carcinoma that he had to put a cream on for four weeks to treat. He just finished the cream last week and his skin is healing now. About two weeks ago Virginia and I were at a play date and one of her friends (a little girl that is almost a year older than Virginia, and notoriously rough) pulled her elbow out of the socket! At first I wasn’t sure what was wrong with her, because she didn’t have any marks on her arm and couldn’t tell me what happened. She was just crying and holding her arm funny. After we got home and she still wasn’t moving her arm well, I took her to her pediatrician. She had what is called a nursemaid’s elbow, and the doctor had to pop her elbow back in place! It took three different tries, and I had to hold Virginia while she did it. It was horrible, and we both cried. Apparently it is a common injury in toddlers, but it is usually caused when a parent picks a toddler up by their arm too hard. Pretty crazy that an almost three year old was able to do it, she must have pulled Virginia so hard! Now when we are around that girl I watch them like a hawk! I won’t let Virginia get hurt like that again.

Tomorrow I have my 39 week check up! Hopefully I haven’t made too much progress dilating, baby boy has to stay put until at least Saturday! I am so excited to see what he looks like, and to see how Virginia is as a big sister! It will be fun having Cindy here to help entertain Virginia, I can’t wait for her to see how smart Virginia is! I can’t believe we are so close to meeting our son! He could be here in less than ten days!