Life as a family of four!

Luke is already two months old! I meant to update this after my parents left, but kept getting distracted! It was so much fun having my parents visit. Virginia kept them busy the entire time, and loved having all the extra attention! We went to the Pike Place Market, drove around Seattle. Mom and dad went with us to one of Virginia’s gymnastics classes and Virginia made them both jump with her. It was kind of rainy while they were here, so we stayed at home a lot and just hung out. We all went and picked out a Christmas tree, and then mom and dad set it up and we put all our decorations up. Virginia loved seeing the tree all lit up!

We had a great first Christmas! I was a little bummed about not being able to go to Tennesee, but it was so much fun as just the four of us. Joe took the week before and the week after Christmas off of work, so we had so much time to just hang out! On Christmas Eve we got Virginia and Luke to sleep and got to build her kitchen, and set up all the presents and stockings. Virginia was really excited about Christmas this year, so it was really fun for Joe and I to get everything ready for her!

Virginia actually slept in a bit, and we started our morning around 6 am. I made us sausage balls and a Kringle for breakfast, and we started on our stockings! Luke pretty much just slept through the morning, so we got to focus on Virginia! She was so cute, she would open a present and then want to stop and play with it for a while. Joe and I opened presents in between Virginia, it took us more than three hours to get through everything! Joe got me a really nice laptop, and a bunch of Harry Potter stuff. Joe liked all of his new clothes and got some other good stuff. Virginia was so happy when she opened her kitchen!

We spent the rest of the day playing with our new stuff! We did some video chatting with our families and Joe grilled steaks for dinner. The Sunday after Christmas we got to visit with Tim, Jean, Audrey and Jordis. They were visiting Jean’s parents in Seattle and came by our place to visit for a few hours. It was really neat to see them out here!

We didn’t do anything exciting for New Years, I’m pretty sure we were all asleep by 9 pm! Joe went back to work and I got to really see what it was like to be on my own during the days with two kids! Luckily Luke and Virginia are both really great kids, and we have been doing great! We go out every day for a play date or gymnastics, and Luke hasn’t caused any problems! There are times when Luke gets fussy and Virginia wants me to play with her, but she is pretty good about waiting on me to settle Luke down.

Joe’s company party was on January 16th, and we had our first date night since Luke was born! Bungie gave me a $125 gift card to ProClub, so I used it at their salon to get my hair and make up done. I looked great, and it was fun to get pampered! I was worried about leaving Luke with a nanny, but he was half asleep when she got to our house, so I thought he’d be okay. Virginia got a little nervous but was fine by the time we left! We took an Uber to Bellevue, but got to the party early so walked over to Lot 3 and had a drink! We felt pretty fancy, and the drinks were really good! We walked back over to the party just in time for the dinner buffet. The food was great, and we sat with a bunch of Joe’s friends. The party wasn’t like Zenimax parties, it was really just a dinner party. The place was completely packed, there were like 700 people there! We walked around and talking to different people. We stayed until 11 and then I was ready to fall asleep so we took an Uber home. We got a good report from the nanny, which made me feel much better about future date nights!

We’d been looking at new and used cars for Joe, thinking we’d buy him something after we got our tax refund and Joe’s bonus. We hadn’t really decided if we were going to go new or used, but we knew we wanted a bigger car than my Scion. We just happened to stop by the Honda dealership by our house the day after Joe’s party, and Joe test drove some of their used cars. There was a 2009 Ford Escape that Joe really liked, so I went and test drove it as well. It was a really good price, and we could finance it for really low payments, so we bought it! I was so excited for Joe to get a car! The next day was MLK day, so Joe had the day off. We went and got a car seat for Virginia and a base for Luke, and we were all set! Now he doesn’t have to wait on the bus in the rain, or miss dinner when he has to work late! The trunk is so big, we can fit the stroller and groceries back there!

Robbie and Molly watched the kids for us last Friday so Joe and I could finally go see Star Wars together. Virginia was so excited to see them, she fell in love with them when they came over for Thanksgiving. We got some pizzas so we could all have dinner, and then Joe and I took off to the theatre. We saw Star Wars in Imax 3D, the movie was awesome but I would have enjoyed it more in 2D because I’m lame. Those silly 3D glasses are the worst! It was great to just have a movie date with Joe! The next night I went and played Bunco with my friends. I had two glasses of wine and ate a bunch of sweets! I tied for most games won and most buncos, it was a lot of fun!

Virginia and I took Luke to his two month check up yesterday. He weighs 11 pounds 14 ounces, he’s a chunk! His height and weight are both in the 50th percentile! The doctor said he looks great, and she let Virginia help look at Luke’s ears and eyes! It was pretty sweet. Luke had to get three shots, and he cried so loud that I wanted to cry too! I had to stay strong in front of Virginia though. Luke was a little fussy the rest of the day, and Joe had to work late, but we all managed to stay sane!

We leave for Tennessee early Saturday, I can hardly wait! Virginia is going to have so much fun seeing everyone, and everyone is going to love Luke! I’m looking forward to Joe being with us the whole vacation! We’re having two birthday parties for him, and I have a lot of fun stuff planned for us!

Joe and I are so lucky to have two awesome kids. I feel like we really hit he jackpot. Virginia can be emotional and crazy, but she is also so sweet and so smart. Every day she makes me proud to be her mom! I can’t wait to see what Luke is like as he gets older! I have my hands full when Joe is at work, but I love it! And when Joe is home, we have so much fun! He is the best dad, I got really lucky!




Life with two kids!

Luke is almost two weeks old, and I am on day three of being home alone with two kids! I didn’t know what to expect, but so far things have been going pretty smoothly! We got home from the hospital, and Virginia pretty much immediately got used to Luke being home! She kept checking on him in his rock and play, and when I fed him she liked to hang out next to us but it never seemed to weird her out or make her jealous! She likes to bring me his diapers for diaper changes, and likes to hold Luke on the couch!

Cindy was great about making sure Virginia got out during the day. They would walk to Safeway or Baskin Robbins, or she and Joe would take Virginia on a Target run. Luke has been a really calm baby, he only cries when you change his diaper, and aside from that just eats and sleeps! On our 3rd day home we had a postpartum check up at the hospital, and we also had his circumcision done. Right before the circumcision appointment I got really nervous, I didn’t want to hurt Luke! But the doctor was great, and it was over really quick. He didn’t even cry! The postpartum appointment went great, Luke wasn’t jaundiced and had already made it back up to his birth weight!

My milk came in really quick, and just like with Virginia I immediately had way too much milk! It’s a blessing and a curse! Luke gets flooded with milk and ends up spitting some back up. I have to be really careful about burping him! My boobs are huge and hard as a rock all the time, but at least this time I didn’t have any issues with cracking or bleeding, and Luke has always had a good latch.

The day before Thanksgiving I made my cranberry apple sauce and twice baked potato casserole. I also baked the pumpkin pie. On Thanksgiving, Joe and Cindy got the turkey ready and had it in the oven at 8 am! We watched the Macy’s Parade and relaxed. Bo, Robbie, and Molly came over right before 1. The turkey came out perfectly, and Cindy and I got the rest of the sides cooked. Everything was ready on time and warm! Best of all, Luke ate right before everyone showed up and slept peacefully through lunch! Virginia was so excited that we had a bunch of people over, and she was very sweet. We took a long time eating lunch, and Virginia eventually fell asleep on the couch!

We were all having a good time talking and hanging out, and everyone ended up staying until after 9! We put out leftovers around 7 and people made sandwiches. We put Virginia to bed at 8, and I was exhausted and got ready for bed at 9. Joe finally got everyone to leave after I’d gotten in bed! It was a long day! Joe drove Cindy to the airport early Friday morning.

We spent our first weekend as just the four of us being lazy! We took a drive Saturday. Sunday we made a trip to Target. Joe went back to work on Monday, and Luke had his one week check up at the pediatrician. I was nervous about getting there on time with both kids by myself, and it was easier than I expected! I got Virginia ready, then Luke, warmed up the car, and loaded up the kids! We made it the appointment on time, and Luke looked great! His doctor is really nice. He was up to 7 lbs 8 ounces, and his jaundice levels were okay! Virginia was so sweet during the appointment. Luke had to get one shot and had his heel pricked for the PKU test, and when he cried Virginia came up to him and said “It’s okay Luke!”

On Tuesday we went to our usual play date, and it went great! Luke slept the whole time, luckily he likes car rides! Virginia got to play and I got to catch up with my mom friends! On the way home Luke got hungry and started crying, and Virginia kept telling him, “It’s okay Luke!” and then she started telling him “Calm down!” Haha.

My parents are flying in tonight and will be here a week! I’m super excited for them to meet Luke, and to show them around where we live! I’m sure as Luke gets older and is awake more, it will get harder to juggle two kids. For now we’re doing okay! Virginia has just adapted so quickly, it’s been really impressive! I’m glad Joe and I decided to only have two kids though, I can’t imagine me versus three kids on my own all day! Haha. We’re lucky we got two great kids!

Luke is here!

We have our son! Luke Corley Blackburn was born on Saturday November 21st at 11:28 am! My due date came and went, after I was so sure he’d be here early! Poor Joe was so nervous about being at work and not being able to get home in time, he took Thursday and Friday off work. We spent the days getting out so I could walk. Thursday night Virginia stayed home with Cindy so Joe and I could go to Wing Dome for dinner. I thought eating spicy chicken would start something! It didn’t work, but Joe and I got to have a dinner out so it was still nice!

Friday I still felt normal, but by Friday evening I was feeling occasional contractions. I woke up at 5 Saturday morning and heard Cindy and Virginia waking up, but felt a contraction. I stayed in bed for a while and started timing the contractions, and by 6 they were pretty consistent. It felt like it did in the beginning with Virginia, so I knew I was in labor finally! I woke up Joe and told him we should get ready. We took showers, and I ate some toast and called the maternity center to let them know I’d be on my way!

We said goodbye to Virginia, and told her we were going to have baby Luke and that we would see her soon. She didn’t really understand and got a little sad, but Cindy distracted her and we took off. We were on our way to the hospital at 7:45, and I called Callie on the way to spread the news to my parents.

I checked in at the hospital, and the guy at the desk was a little surprised that we had brought all of our stuff in with us. I told him this was my second baby and that I knew it was go time! We went back to a triage room with our nurse, and she got me hooked up to a contraction machine and checked me. I was already 6-7 centimeters! That was reassuring! She said she’d go find us a room and off we went! Luckily it was a short walk, because by this point I was getting uncomfortable.

Our room was pretty big, and our nurse was super nice. She was impressed with how well I was handling the pain, especially considering how far into labor I was. When I was in labor with Virginia, Joe looked a little nervous the whole time, but this time around he was a total pro! He was totally calm, kept reassuring me about how great I was doing, and massaged my back during contractions which helped the pain a ton.  Since I was doing well, my nurse let me just have a hep lock, which meant I wasn’t hooked up to an IV the whole time. She also did intermittent monitoring of the baby, so for most of the time I was contracting I wasn’t hooked up to anything at all. It was nice to be able to roll around to try and stay comfortable.

By 10:30 the contractions were pretty much constant, and I was starting to get really uncomfortable. I got out of bed and leaned over on a yoga ball, which helped a little. The nurse checked me, and I was past 9 centimeters! I’d made it through transition without asking for any drugs! I was definitely feeling the pain but was handling it. Since I was so close to pushing, they called the on call doctor to come break my water. I was a little bummed that Dr. Shockett wasn’t there, but I wasn’t really worried about it. The on call doctor was very nice, and very impressed with how well I was doing when she came to break my water. Once that was done, the contractions were ten times more painful. There was also a bit of meconium in the water, so the doctor told me some people from the NICU would be there when I delivered to make sure the baby hadn’t swallowed any of it. That made me a little nervous, but I knew it was pretty common. I got out of the bed to lean on the yoga ball, but my water kept gushing down my leg and it was grossing me out. I got back in bed and just hoped it would be time to push soon!

I was in so much pain, I couldn’t really feel any need to push. The contractions kept on coming, and the nurse told me to push when I felt contractions to get the baby to move further down. I tried my best, but didn’t really think I was doing anything. Finally at 11 the doctor came back, and got all suited up. I was laying in the bed and they were having me hold my legs and push, but I was so uncomfortable and felt like I wasn’t doing anything. I was holding my breath while I was pushing, which is not what you are supposed to do, and I got so light headed I thought I was going to pass out! They had to give me oxygen for a minute and hooked up my IV to fluids.

I finally caught my breathe and pushed when they told me, and after about three good pushes the doctor asked me if I wanted to feel his head! I kind of yelled no and kept on pushing. All of a sudden he was out and on my chest! I’m pretty sure I just said, “He’s here!” He cried right away, so the NICU people got to leave. The hospital has a policy that if the baby is healthy that mom and baby do an hour of skin to skin, which I was happy to do! Luke just got to lay on my chest, which was a great distraction for me while the doctor finished delivering the placenta. I had a small tear that needed to be stitched, but it wasn’t as bad as with Virginia.

Luke had a ton of dark hair, more than I was expecting, and dark blue eyes. He was totally alert, and looked completely perfect! Even the doctor said he had a very nice round head. Haha. Joe and I just stared at him, and I was so thankful that he was okay and that he got to stay with me! After a few minutes, the nurse suggested I try and get him to nurse, and he took to it right away! He also pooped right on me, but I wasn’t too worried about that considering I was covered in sweat and already felt pretty gross. After the hour was up, the nurse weighed him and we found out he was 7 pounds 5 ounces (which was exactly what I had guessed!) and 19.5 inches long. Joe got to help wash his hair a bit and put on his diaper, and then he got to hold him.

We started making all the phone calls, and taking pictures. I felt really good as soon as Luke was out, and ordered some food because it happened to be lunch time. The nurse helped me take a quick shower, and I got dressed in normal clothes. Joe went to go pick up Cindy and Virginia, and I got to hang out with Luke in our room. I was so excited for Virginia to meet Luke, but a little nervous about how she would react. I had Luke bundled up in the bassinet, and I was sitting up in bed when I heard them coming to the room. Virginia came in with a balloon attached to her big sister sweatshirt, and she ran right up to me. Luckily Cindy recorded the whole thing, so we can watch it when the kids are older! She was so excited, and Joe put her up on the bed with me so she could stand up and see Luke. She knew exactly who he was, and was very happy!

She wanted to give me some hugs, and we opened her big sister presents that I had ready for her. Then we let her sit on the couch and Joe helped her hold Luke. She was so sweet and gentle, saying that he was so cute, and kissing his head! I wanted to cry, I was so proud of her! They stayed for an hour or so, and then Joe took them home. Virginia did not want to leave me, but we told her we’d be home in the morning with her brother.

When Joe got back we ordered Jimmy Johns for dinner (the hospital food was pretty bland) and just hung out with our new baby! The hospital didn’t offer a nursery, and I don’t think we would have sent him away even if they had one! He was such a calm baby, he didn’t really cry and only fussed when he was hungry! Our night nurse was really good about coming in to check on us at the same time that I would be up to nurse Luke, so I got a little bit of sleep. In the morning we had breakfast delivered, and the pediatrician came by to check out Luke around 9. I got checked out by the on call doctor, and someone came to give Luke a hearing test that he passed right away. We were all doing great, so we were allowed to leave around 10:30! Joe and I were really happy with how efficient and friendly everyone we met at the hospital was! The hospital Virginia was born at was nice, but Evergreen was really awesome.

We packed up and were on our way home before we knew it! We stopped for donuts and got home to a very happy little girl! She had really missed us, but Cindy took great care of her. I’ll do another post about our first week home, because this is crazy long and took me a few days to write! Having two babies is a full time job! Ha.




It’s my due date!

I am 40 weeks today, and still very pregnant! Virginia was an early bird like me, it looks like baby boy is going to take after his dad and be more relaxed! Cindy flew in on Saturday, Virginia has been so happy to have her here! We spent Saturday afternoon hanging out at the house, Virginia was way too excited to nap. Sunday we went out and did some shopping, and found Virginia a little plastic tea party set. She had been asking to have a tea party with Mimi for weeks, so she had to have one! We had lunch in Bellevue by Joe’s office, and had a lazy afternoon.

On Monday we went to the Seattle Aquarium with Amy, Heather, Denae, and Monica (and their kids of course!) I wanted to walk as much as possible, and keep Virginia on a typical routine of getting to see her friends! She had a blast seeing all the fishies!  We had lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf before heading home. On Tuesday we went to our usual bouncy house play date, and then met one of Cindy’s friends from high school who lives in Redmond for lunch. Virginia was so sweet at lunch, I was so proud of how well behaved she was!

Today is my actual due date, and I am so ready to meet this little boy! I am nervous about how Virginia will react to having to share the attention, but she is so sweet that I think she will really love being a big sister. Virginia and I went to Amy’s house to play with a few other moms and kids this morning, while Cindy had some time to herself at the house. I had my 40 week check up (something I didn’t have with Virginia!) and found out I am 4 centimeters and could go into labor at any time. I am so happy that I am already almost halfway dilated, but I haven’t felt any contractions so far! I ate a ton of pineapple earlier, and have been staying active to try and bring on labor! Joe is at work texting me for updates. We are all ready for this baby to be born!

Since Cindy has arrived, I feel like Virginia has grown up so much! She just looks like such a big kid, and she is so clever! Cindy seems to be impressed with how well she speaks, and how independent she is! I can’t wait to see how baby boy’s personality/looks compare to Virginia!

Final countdown to D-day!

Halloween flew by! For Virginia’s third Halloween, she was a UT cheerleader!  She was adorable. We went to a retirement home in Kirkland the morning of the 30th with the mom’s club. All the kids looked so cute, and the elderly people were so happy to see them! Virginia got a good bit of candy, and was really good at only taking one piece and saying thank you! That night Bungie had a Halloween party for families. They had a bouncy house, a face painter, balloon animals, lots of candy, pizza. We were waiting in line for something, and there was a family in front of us with three kids. Joe didn’t know the guy, but his wife asked how far along I was. When I told her I was due in about 19 days she was so surprised, she thought I was about six months along! That was pretty flattering!

At my 38 week appointment last Monday we had an ultrasound, so Joe and Virginia came along. It was so neat to see the baby on the ultrasound, we could see him blinking, moving his hands, and rolling around. The tech was able to tell us that he is definitely still a boy, and that he has hair! Dr. Schockett said I look great, and that baby boy is head down and ready to go at any time! Luckily I was only dilated to about two centimeters, not too alarming. Joe had the day off work because they were reorganizing the office, so we had a nice lazy day. I’m trying to enjoy our time as a family of three before we become four!

This past weekend we took Virginia to the Seattle Children’s Museum on Saturday. The place was kind of packed, but we had a good time! Virginia is so sweet around other kids, she waits her turn and doesn’t take things from other kids! Sunday night we had a nanny come watch Virginia. Joe and I went to an Italian restaurant (not kid friendly) for dinner and saw Spectre, the new James Bond movie. It was pretty nice to have a night off together! Virginia has become very verbal, and very opinionated, which can be frustrating but also super cute. Getting a little break with Joe was much needed!

Aside from all that, we’ve had some health things to deal with! Joe had some patchy irritated skin on one of his sideburns that he finally went to a dermatologist to get checked out (after way too much time ignoring it), and it turned out to be skin cancer. Luckily it wasn’t melanoma, it was a basal cell carcinoma that he had to put a cream on for four weeks to treat. He just finished the cream last week and his skin is healing now. About two weeks ago Virginia and I were at a play date and one of her friends (a little girl that is almost a year older than Virginia, and notoriously rough) pulled her elbow out of the socket! At first I wasn’t sure what was wrong with her, because she didn’t have any marks on her arm and couldn’t tell me what happened. She was just crying and holding her arm funny. After we got home and she still wasn’t moving her arm well, I took her to her pediatrician. She had what is called a nursemaid’s elbow, and the doctor had to pop her elbow back in place! It took three different tries, and I had to hold Virginia while she did it. It was horrible, and we both cried. Apparently it is a common injury in toddlers, but it is usually caused when a parent picks a toddler up by their arm too hard. Pretty crazy that an almost three year old was able to do it, she must have pulled Virginia so hard! Now when we are around that girl I watch them like a hawk! I won’t let Virginia get hurt like that again.

Tomorrow I have my 39 week check up! Hopefully I haven’t made too much progress dilating, baby boy has to stay put until at least Saturday! I am so excited to see what he looks like, and to see how Virginia is as a big sister! It will be fun having Cindy here to help entertain Virginia, I can’t wait for her to see how smart Virginia is! I can’t believe we are so close to meeting our son! He could be here in less than ten days!

Less than a month to go!

I’ll be 36 weeks tomorrow, but I had my check up yesterday. I was surprised to find out I’m already a centimeter dilated! That was a bit alarming, as I won’t even be full term until a week from tomorrow! Some women dilate early and it doesn’t mean labor is near, but I’m nervous now! We have a lot going on, and Cindy and Rick are in Greece on a cruise, so we really need this baby to stay put until at least November!

Amy and Heather threw me a great baby shower two weekends ago. It was really sweet of them, they did a cowboy theme and went all out! Amy made cute decorations and Heather made pulled pork, coleslaw, cornbread, and other good stuff. They got me a great cake from a bakery that probably cost a ton of money! We ate, played games, had cake and opened presents. I’m so lucky to have found such a great group of friends here. Not only do the playdates keep me and Virginia busy, but I really like these women! It’s nice to have friends! Amy has made it very clear, if I go into labor before Cindy gets here, she will go pick up Joe if he is at work, and she will keep Virginia when we go to the hospital.

I’ve been going over lists in my head, trying to get everything ready before baby boy arrives. I’ve got food stocked up, household items stocked, I booked a cleaning service to come give the condo a good deep clean, I’ve cleaned and put away all the baby clothes, even cleaned out and packed the old diaper bag that I will have to use once I have two kids in diapers to take out! I’m making sure we have plenty of gas in the car, and I need to put the infant seat base in there. I’ve got our bags packed, and I’m going to make a bag in case Virginia has to go to Amy’s.

My parents bought plane tickets to come stay with us the first week of December. I was worried they wouldn’t be able to, because the tickets cost a bunch and mom has work and Lillian to take care of. They worked it all out and I’m so excited they’ll be coming up here! Hopefully the weather isn’t too yucky and we’ll be able to do some sightseeing while they are here!

I booked the nanny service for someone to come watch Virginia for a few hours this Friday, I plan on getting out by myself to try and do some early Christmas shopping. Hopefully Virginia doesn’t have a meltdown when I try and leave, she’s a bit clingy these days! She knows baby brother is coming soon, and she is very excited, but she obviously doesn’t really know what is going on. We have a birthday party on Saturday, Tuesday night Joe and I are going to see Florence and the Machine in Seattle, and Friday I am taking Virginia trick or treating at a retirement home with the moms club, and that afternoon we’ll go to Bungie’s Halloween party (for families). Cindy and Rick are on a Greek island cruise and won’t even be back in the states until Oct. 29th or so. Baby boy really needs to stay put until closer to his due date!

This pregnancy has really flown by, I’ve been exhausted and I’m getting to the point were I am sore all the time, but it is so worth it! Joe and I are so excited to see our little boy! I’m nervous he is going to be big, I’ve gained 30 pounds as of yesterday! This time around I’m not so worried about getting through labor, no matter what happens I’ll be okay! I’m just praying that baby boy doesn’t have the same breathing issues when he is born that Virginia did. It will break my heart if he has to go to the NICU like Virginia. That is all I have for now! Hopefully I’ll get in another entry or two before he makes his entrance!

Final countdown!

Our little boy will be here in a little over a month (hopefully!) and time is speeding up! Cindy is flying in on November 14th, so he has to stay put until then, but I am worn out from being pregnant! As soon as she is on the plane, I’m going to start all the tricks I know to start labor! But we still have a few busy weeks before that, and we are staying occupied!

I was very lucky and got to spend last weekend on a little overnight trip with 8 other friends from the mom’s club to San Juan island. Lindsay’s family owns a cabin in Roche Harbor, this super beautiful resort area. We left early Saturday morning and came home Sunday evening. Amy drove me and 4 other ladies and the rest of the women were in another car. We drove up to Anacortes and took a ferry to Friday Harbor. I was slightly worried I would go into labor on the ferry, but the chances were slim and the ferry was smooth sailing! We drove around the island, tried to spot whales, hung out at the cabin. It was very relaxing! We all chipped in and made a huge dinner, then played Cards Against Humanity. Sunday we took our time in the morning being lazy, and went to a cafe in town for brunch. Amy and 4 of us left from brunch to do some shopping and then caught the early ferry back. I made it home just before six. It was a great little trip, I got to know the other women better, and it was nice to have some time to myself! But I really missed Joe and Virginia! It helped to know that they were having a great time, Joe took Virginia out a bunch to keep her entertained. I knew he’d be a great dad even back when we were dating!

Baby boy has been super active lately, Virginia likes to touch my stomach when he is moving! She is really excited about being a big sister. I don’t know how much she understands, but she touches my stomach and says “baby!” She can sort of say his name, I’m sure by the time he is born she will say it even better!

How far along? 34 weeks!

Total weight gain: 26 lbs…I still have at least 4 weeks to go, so I’m getting a little worried about gaining too much.  I had hoped to keep it around 30 lbs total, we’ll see where I end up!

Maternity clothes? Always! Except for pj’s, which are getting uncomfortable! I was lucky that it was summer when I was big with Virginia, and I could sleep in Joe’s boxers. It’s getting chilly and I want to wear pj pants, but they are too tight!

Stretch marks? No new ones!
Sleep: I’m getting up pretty frequently, which is annoying! I either have to pee or I am just uncomfortable.
Best moment this week: Just watching Virginia get more independent, I know she is going to be a great big sister! She always wants to help me, and she is so sweet.

Miss Anything? Having energy! I’m also really ready for a hard cider! It has definitely turned into fall, and I am craving one!
Movement: Constantly! He beats me up all night!
Food cravings: Same as usual, junk food! Anything pumpkin as well.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not lately!
Gender: Hopefully still a boy!

Labor Signs: Not yet.
Symptoms: Exhausted, sore, hungry.
Belly Button in or out? In! But it looks like a crater.
Wedding rings on or off? On! No swelling yet.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Super happy!
Looking forward to: Amy and Heather are throwing me a shower this Sunday! It should be a lot of fun. They told me the theme is cowboy, because I am from Nashville. As long as it isn’t camo, I’m cool. Ha. Joe and I are also having a date night tomorrow, we want to get as many as possible before baby boy arrives!

All about Virginia!

I worry that when baby boy gets here, Virginia won’t have as much attention as she is used to. I know that she will love being a big sister, but before baby boy is born I thought it would be a good idea to record some things about Virginia that I want to remember once she is older! So in no particular order, here are some of my favorite things about her right now!

  • Virginia is so polite! If she asks for milk, she says “milk please mama.” Once you hand her something, she says thank you. If you sneeze, she says bless you (right now it sounds like blesh you). When we come home from dates, the nannies always tell us how impressed they are with her manners!
  • She loves to carry a purse, even though I would rather not have to carry anything when I go out. She has a number of purses that hang by the front door, and likes to pick one before we go out. She also insists on wearing a coat (and buttoning/zipping it all the way up) if she thinks it is the least bit cold out.
  • She loves to read books. We read two or three books every day before nap time, and I have found books under her pillow after she wakes up (meaning after I leave the room, she climbs out to get more books, and then reads them to herself and puts them under her pillow.)
  • Virginia is a total daddies girl. When he gets home from work, as soon as she hears the door open, she drops whatever she is doing and runs for the door and hugs him. We wake up before him most mornings, and when she hears him get out of bed she likes to go say good morning.
  • Joe and Virginia have a few things they really like to do together: put on music and dance, put socks on their hands, watch Star Wars (Virginia loves Chewbacca right now), and Virginia loves watching Joe play video games. Virginia also loves milk as much as her dad, she drinks so much that we go through about two gallons a week!
  • She is obsessed with airplanes! If she hears an airplane, she has to point it out. When we are driving, she can spot an airplane far off in the sky way before Joe or I ever see them.
  • Virginia loves playing with other kids! She is very sweet, likes to share, and gravitates towards older kids. We stay very busy with activities, from play dates with our moms club to gymnastics, and everyone loves her!

This is a pretty short list, but Virginia is the sweetest, silliest, smartest little girl I’ve ever known! I’m so lucky to be her mom! She likes to cuddle, dress up, play with puzzles, and get tickled! I can’t wait to see more of her personality as she grows up!

Late summer update!

So it’s been almost two months since I was last on! I am not great at keeping up with this! Virginia keeps me busy! I am now in the third trimester, and can’t believe how fast time is going by with this pregnancy! Baby boy (he has a name, but Joe and I are keeping it to ourselves) kicks all the time, and is definitely growing! In regards to the pregnancy, everything is going great! At 24 weeks I took the gestational diabetes test and passed with flying colors, and I surprised myself by not being anemic this time around. I guess I can thank all my cravings for cheeseburgers and steak for keeping my iron levels strong! I feel like I am already huge, but when I look at pictures of me being this far along with Virginia I look about the same, and I’ve gained about the same amount of weight.

Aside from the pregnancy, we’ve had a pretty great summer! Joe went above and beyond for my 26th birthday, putting a card in the mailbox for me every day with a clue to one of my presents. The clues were really clever and I only sort of figured out a few of them! He made me a cake and we opened presents with Virginia (aside from my cute little gifts, he got us tickets to see two great bands). We had a nanny come watch Virginia and we went to Seattle for an awesome dinner at an Italian place. To top it all off, Molly flew in to visit! Molly stayed for a little over a week, and we did all the touristy Seattle things, plus went to the Olympic National Park and stayed overnight in Port Angeles. It was a great visit, and Virginia loved having Molly stay with us! After Molly went back to TN, we got to see Pops for a quick overnight trip.

Virginia and I were busy with lots of fun play dates, and we also started going to a gymnastics class at a nearby gym with a friend and her daughter. It’s a very basic class, but Virginia loves it! Joe stays busy at work, but we always find fun things to do on the weekends! We bought a little charcoal grill and Joe has been grilling us some delicious dinners! I’ve made some really good friends through the Mom’s club, and get out every now and then on my own to do fun stuff with the other ladies. I think we’re all very happy here!

We flew home for our big TN trip, but it didn’t really go as planned! We bought Joe a round-trip ticket to make sure he’d get there and back for work, and Virginia and I were going to fly standby. A few days before our trip we realized that we were not going to get on standby, all the flights were totally full. I scrambled and bought a one way ticket for Virginia and myself to leave the day before Joe (it was all we could get!). We left Thursday on a flight to Vegas, that was supposed to change planes and go to Nashville. We were on the flight to Vegas, about to land, when the pilot told us that due to thunderstorms in Vegas we had to land in Reno to refuel and wait until we could land at Vegas. That was not a part of the plan! Luckily Virginia was pretty happy and we were able to get off the plane in Reno to get food. We were able to land at Vegas about an hour later, only to find out that our connecting flight had been cancelled! The airport was a mad house because about ten flights had been cancelled and no one could go anywhere. We waited in a long line to get a new flight arranged for the morning, and then got a discount coupon for a hotel. I bought a few toiletries and a new t-shirt for myself at a gift shop (while Virginia managed to knock over two shot glasses on the floor which shattered). We then waited in line for a cab to our hotel for about 40 minutes outside in literally 100 degree heat. It was crazy! The taxi took us to our hotel (the only place we could get a room at a discount was the Hooters casino resort, not my ideal place to take a toddler!), and it cost $30! I was not thrilled about that. We got to our room about 10:30 and took a quick shower and got in bed, only to wake up at 4 am to go back to the airport! Luckily the taxi ride was cheaper to the airport (we’d gotten scammed the night before!), and the airport was pretty empty that early in the morning! We took a flight to Phoenix (because there were no non-stop flights available), and then a flight to Nashville and finally landed at 1 pm on Friday! We were supposed to get to Nashville at 11 pm the night before! Virginia was amazing the whole time, she was so sweet to everyone we met! And we were very lucky to sit next to really nice people on our flights that really helped me entertain her!

Mom and Molly picked us up and we went to the farm. Virginia and I got to meet Lillian, she was so sweet! Virginia said “awe” and wanted to hold her hand! Rebecca came over a little while later with Christian, he was so tiny! He was only 4 days old! I was so happy to be able to hold my niece and nephew! Joe flew in that evening and I picked him up and we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner with the whole family. I was so happy to be home!

Saturday morning Virginia got to run around the farm, and Joe, Molly, and I ran to Publix to get the cakes, food, and drinks for the party, and headed to Jeri’s to set up! My parents brought Virginia over before the party started and everything looked great! It looked a little stormy out, but Virginia was able to swim with Joe and my dad, and Callie and Carlin also swam! We got a call from Rick while we were setting up, Papa Joe was having some odd health symptoms so Cindy and Suzanne took him to the ER. We were worried about him, and sad that they were all having to miss the party, but Rick assured us that it didn’t seem to be too serious and that we should go on with the party! Virginia had a great time swimming, and visiting with everyone! Tim, Jean, Audrey, and Jordis came and Virginia had so much fun playing with the girls! Gracie also made it in for the weekend, so Virginia got to see her for the first time since Christmas! The party was a big hit, we just ordered pizza’s so it was really easy on everyone! Virginia’s birthday cake was adorable and super tasty. We left Jeri’s around 5 and headed to Thompson’s Station. We had dinner with Joe’s family, Nana Blackburn and Papa Charlie had driven up and got to spend some time with Virginia too.

Sunday morning we hung out with Gracie and got ready for the baby shower! There were a lot more people at the shower than the birthday party, all the people that had to attend to Papa Joe were able to be at the shower, plus some other extended family from Cindy’s side. Luckily Papa Joe was okay, he’s just having some of the same cognitive issues that Teeny Mom has, but they were at the party and in good moods. Virginia woke up right as the party was starting, and was overwhelmed by all the people so we had to give her some time to acclimate to the crowd! Audrey and Jordis were super sweet and helped play with Virginia! After the party was over and Gracie had to go back to the airport, Joe and I managed to sneak out for dinner at Newks and a movie together! It was fun to have a date night!

We spent Monday and Tuesday morning with Joe’s parents, just hanging out. After lunch on Tuesday we had to take Joe to the airport, Virginia was so sad when he said goodbye! It about broke my heart! He made it home to Seattle without any issues though. Cindy drove Virginia and I to the farm house and got a tour, it is almost done but they still haven’t moved in. Everything is done except for refinishing a few of the floors. The paint is done and it all looks great, but I was kind of bummed they hadn’t been able to move in yet. Tuesday evening mom and I took Virginia to the fair. It was super hot out, but still fun to walk around. Virginia went on the carousel with mom and we got some food but didn’t stay too long. We spent the rest of the week hanging out at the farm, going out to eat at my favorite food places, and just relaxing! Virginia loves to feed the animals with dad and swing outside. I got to spend a lot of time with Callie and Lillian, and Rebecca came by most days with Christian. We went back to the fair Thursday night, and Friday we went to Jeri’s house for lunch and to swim. Virginia and I were able to fly standby on Sunday on a non-stop flight home. It went really well, Virginia even slept for half the flight! It was the first time she was technically a ticketed passenger, since she was over two, but she still ended up sitting on me most of the flight.

So now we are home and getting back in our routine. I had my 28 week check up yesterday and everything looks great with me and baby boy! Roughly 12 weeks until we have our son! I am so glad that we got to see Lillian and Christian, Virginia was so sweet with them. She was never jealous when I held them, and she wanted to help when they cried by getting them pacifiers. I think that pretty much catches us up to where we are now!

How far along? 28 weeks!

Total weight gain: 19 pounds! I feel pretty good about it! I think I’ll hit about 30 pounds total which is totally okay with me. Maternity clothes? Pretty much all the time. When I’m home I just wear Joe’s boxers and t-shirts, but even his shirts are getting tight!
Stretch marks? No new ones!
Sleep: I’ve gotten down to only one or two trips to the bathroom at night, and I sleep great until Virginia wakes me up at 5 am! I just try to go to bed by 10 so I’m not a zombie the next day!
Best moment this week: Our whole trip home was pretty great! Virginia has learned to walk backwards which is pretty cute, and yesterday Joe taught her how to whisper!

Miss Anything? Being able to carry Virginia without getting winded, and rolling over in bed without a lot of effort!
Movement: Constantly! He kicks throughout the day, but at night after dinner is his most active time!
Food cravings: Cheeseburgers, pizza, dr. pepper. I want all the junk food.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not lately!
Gender: Hopefully still a boy!

Labor Signs: Not yet.
Symptoms: Exhausted, sore, hungry.
Belly Button in or out? In! But it looks like a crater.
Wedding rings on or off? On! No swelling yet.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Super happy!
Looking forward to: Fall, cooler weather, pumpkin flavored things, fun play dates with Virginia before we have a baby to bring with us everywhere!

It’s been a while!

So I haven’t written on here since Virginia was three weeks old, and she will be two in a little over a month! So obviously we have been busy! In that time, I went back to work at the bank, quit my job at the bank in December of 2013, started working for an eye doctor to have better hours and more pay, and then stopped working full time in May of 2014 when Cindy and Rick moved back to Tennessee (we didn’t want Virginia in daycare!). I was so happy to be a stay at home mom! I still worked for the eye doctor every other Saturday morning, which was nice to get out of the house on my own, and give Joe time with Virginia alone! We went to the beach condo in South Carolina for July 4th, 2014, Virginia loved the beach! We went to Tennessee for Virginia’s first birthday, and got to spend a lot of time with family! For our second Thanksgiving in Baltimore, Molly came to see us. We had a couple of Joe’s friends from work over, and Molly and I made the whole dinner by ourselves! We went back to Tennessee for Christmas and Virginia was much more excited to open presents than she was at her first Christmas!

In January Joe was offered a job at Bungie, an awesome video game company located in Seattle. He had applied on a lark, and then got an interview, and when they offered the job we were over the moon! It was a huge step up for Joe’s career, but meant a huge move to Seattle! We took about two seconds to decide to accept the offer! In about two weeks we hammered out all the details, found a place to live, hired a moving company, gave Zenimax notice, sold the Del Sol (it wasn’t going to make a cross country drive, even though it broke our heart to get rid of it) and left Baltimore! The mover’s came and packed us up on Joe’s last day at Zenimax (which was also his 26th birthday), and we left that afternoon to head to Tennessee! We had a birthday party/going away party with both of our families, and a few days later Joe and I hit the road to Seattle. Virginia stayed in Tennessee with our parents, spending time with both sets of grandparents. Joe and I made it to Seattle on February 6th. It was a very long trip, but we had a great time together! Rick and Cindy flew Virginia up to Seattle once we made it to our condo. We didn’t have furniture for about three weeks and lived on an air mattress, with just a laptop for entertainment.

Joe started his new job, and we started learning our way around our new area. It didn’t rain near as much as we thought it would, and we loved it pretty much right away! I joined a Mom’s club pretty quick and started taking Virginia to play dates. We knew we wanted Virginia to have a sibling pretty soon, so we had sort of been trying for baby number two. In early March I took a test because I’d been feeling nauseous, and it came up positive! Joe had already left for work, but I was worried it was a false positive. I bought another two tests, and they both came up positive! I was so excited!! I quickly found one of Virginia’s plan white onesies and used markers to write “Big Sis” on it. She was wearing it when Joe came home from work. It took him a minute to read her shirt, but he was so surprised! We couldn’t believe we were having another!

So we are due November 18th 2015 with Virginia’s little brother! That’s right, a little boy! We just found out on July 1st at 20 weeks that we are having a boy! The pregnancy is flying by and we decided to find out the gender this time. When the ultrasound technician told us we were having a boy, I looked at Joe and his face completely lit up. We would have been happy either way, but we are so thrilled to have a son! Virginia doesn’t really understand that she’s going to have a brother, but she does get really excited when we talk about the baby. Our families are so excited too! Callie just had a little girl on June 30th, Lillian Jade. Rebecca is having a boy in late August. The cousins are going to be so cute playing together in a few years! Because I’ve taken so long to get back on this blog thing, I decided to do the pregnancy update I did with Virginia!

How far along? 20 weeks!

Total weight gain: This time I started out at 123 pounds, I was really lucky after Virginia and was thinner than I was before I got pregnant with her! I’m up to 134, so I’m gaining just a tad bit more at this point than I did at 20 weeks with Virginia. I’m trying to stay on track to gain around 30 pounds though.
Maternity clothes? I wear mainly skirts and loose tops, but I have to wear my maternity shorts and jeans because my regular ones stopped buttoning around 13 weeks.
Stretch marks? Just a few light ones that I think are from losing weight after Virginia was born.
Sleep: I have to pee a few times a night, and Virginia wakes me up between 5:30 and 6:30 every morning, so sleep is kind of rough! I’ve started napping in the afternoon when Virginia naps if I really need it.
Best moment this week: One of Joe’s perks from Bungie is that we get to use a nanny service for free. Last night we booked a nanny for the first time, and left Virginia to go out to dinner and a movie! The nanny got here on time and seemed totally competent, and Virginia didn’t even cry when we left! We went to a burger place that was really good, and saw Jurassic World. We had a great time! And the nanny said Virginia did great, and was really impressed with her manners! We will definitely take advantage of that again a few times before the new baby is born.

Miss Anything? Once again I am pregnant during summer, and would really love to have a sangria! But I’m doing okay!
Movement: I started feeling this baby around 18 weeks, but now at over 20 weeks I feel little kicks and nudges all day! Nothing strong enough for Joe to feel though.
Food cravings: I crave pretty much everything I see a commercial on tv for. I always want burgers and pizza!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Random smells, but I feel good most of the time!
Gender: Definitely a boy! Was not shy about showing us his parts at the ultrasound! I even had a suspicion it was a boy from the 13 week ultrasound! It is so much fun knowing the sex this time around! I’m glad we were surprised with Virginia, but it is fun to know this time around and get to kind of plan for a little guy!

Labor Signs: Nothing yet, and hopefully not for a while!
Symptoms: Just tired, starving all the time, and getting big!
Belly Button in or out? In! But it looks like a crater.
Wedding rings on or off? On! No swelling yet, but we’ve been in a bit of a heat wave so it may happen soon.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy happy happy! Feeling good and so excited to add another baby to our family!
Looking forward to: Spending more time with Virginia and Joe while it is just the three of us, going on dates with Joe, celebrating my birthday in a few weeks, and going back to Tennessee in August to celebrate Virginia’s second birthday and have a baby shower for our little man!!