That time I got fake boobs…

Ever since I stopped nursing Luke and my breasts disappeared, I have been joking with Joe how I could just get a boob job. A few months ago, Joe started saying we could really consider it if I wanted. I never thought I’d be the kind of person to have cosmetic surgery, and it’s not like I had horrible self confidence or anything. I just missed having a full size chest. I’d been a C cup since I was about 15, so to be 28 and be down to an A was a pretty noticeable drop. I started researching boob jobs, and was pretty nervous about actually going through with it. Then one of my friends here had one done, and a few months later another friend had one done too. They both told me it was way less scary than that had anticipated, and were so glad that they had done it.

Joe got me a consultation with a plastic surgeon for my birthday. After the appointment, I was so excited about the thought of having it done that I was ready to book the surgery! It was a big expense, but Joe felt that it was worth it! I wanted my fake boobs to look as natural as possible, so I decided on a size that would best fit my body. We booked the surgery for September, after Virginia would start preschool and our trip to Chicago for Riot Fest.

*Side note! Riot Fest was crazy! We had a ton of fun in Chicago, but the outdoor music fest was too hot and crowded for me! We saw an improv show at Second City which was amazing, went to the top of the Willis Tower, and walked around a bunch of touristy spots. I’m so glad that we got to see Nine Inch Nails because it was a dream come true for Joe, but Taking Back Sunday was kind of disappointing live. There were just way too many drunk people around, so you really had to watch out. But it was a great time away for Joe and I, and the kids had a great time with my parents back in Seattle!

Before we knew it, it was my surgery date! I was pretty nervous leading up to it, but Joe wasn’t worried at all. We had a nanny watch the kids, and Joe took me to the surgery. Everyone was really nice and reassuring, so that helped. They got me in a gown, took some before pictures, the doctor marked on me with a sharpie, and then it was time to go to the surgical room! I said bye to Joe and got on the table. I barely felt them put the IV in, and all of a sudden I was waking up in the recovery room. I was really disoriented, felt really tight, and wanted to go home. They brought Joe back and got me dressed and in a wheelchair, and helped me into the car. I barely remember the ride home, except for that it hurt when he hit bumps!

Joe got me in bed, and after a two hour nap (propped up on 4 pillows!) I felt much better. I couldn’t really move on my own, Joe had to help me out of bed to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t really move my arms or my torso, so I had to move very carefully. My chest was pretty swollen, but other than that I looked okay. Joe kept the kids entertained, and they let me rest. Saturday and Sunday I was either in bed or on the couch. I could get up and down the stairs on my own, I just had to move slow. I went to the doctor Saturday morning so he could check out my incisions, and he said I was already healing good and wasn’t too swollen.

Joe had to go to an early doctor appointment on Monday, so we had a nanny come. Heather came and took Virginia to and from school so she wouldn’t miss the day. The nanny took care of Luke while I rested upstairs. Rick actually had an overnight in Seattle, so he took an Uber out to the house. The kids were so surprised when they woke up and he was here! We hung out around the house and ordered pizza when Joe got home. Joe took him back to his hotel after dinner because he had to be at the airport really early.

On Tuesday I was still too nervous to drive, I was only taking Tylenol but I was worried about getting Luke in and out of the car without picking him up. Luckily Jen brought Quinn and Alexandra over to play with Virginia and Luke, so they wouldn’t be bored all day at home. On Wednesday I was still nervous, but I took Virginia to school. Luke did a great job getting in and out of his car seat by himself,  and we managed to drop Virginia off on time and pick her up. Today we went to ballet in the morning and it went well. It’s still scary driving because I can’t move my arms very fast, so I have to be extra careful.

So tomorrow will be one week since the surgery, and I go back to the doctor to have the stitches removed. The recovery has been pretty much what I expected. I hate not being able to pick up the kids, but they have been really sweet to me. Luke is too little to know anything about what happened, and Virginia just knows that I went to the doctor and had an owie that is healing. I was afraid she would go to school and tell everyone her mom had a boob job, so I’ve been vague! I’ll definitely tell her about it when she’s older if she wants to know though. I’m not ashamed that I had it done, but I hope that once they heal I still look like my old self, just better! Now I’m just looking forward to being able to sweep and vacuum again, the house is starting to get pretty messy!


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