So busy!

We’ve had a lot of good news lately, mixed with some sad! We got our rental house, and Mike found a new tenant to move in right after we leave in June. Since he already has a new tenant lined up, we don’t owe him rent for July (which is when our lease is up) and he might actually prorate our rent for June, which would mean we get some money back.

Virginia was on a wait list for a preschool slot at the Elementary school by our house, but it was going to be a long shot that she would actually get a morning slot. I called around, and we were able to tour St. John’s Preschool in Kirkland. We loved it, and they had a spot for Virginia in the Fall! So we signed her up, and are so glad that she has a place to go in September! It’s a little church preschool, with three classrooms. They have a nice playground, and the rooms were full of fun activity centers. They go on four field trips during the year. I think she is really going to love it! When it was time to go home after our tour, Virginia told me, “I’ll miss you Mom, but I’m going to stay and make new friends!” I told her she will make friends in September!

Joe and I paid off my Scion early! That way we have an extra $250 a month from the car payment, and we’ll save a little on insurance as well. I’m excited to only have one small car payment from now on! I’m interested to see what our budget looks like after a few months in the new house. I know electricity and water will be more than we’re used to, and I think we also have to pay for trash/sewage. Plus the rent is almost $900 more than what we currently pay!

I went to Newport last weekend to see Molly graduate from Salve Regina. I couldn’t believe how beautiful Newport and her campus are! Molly lived in a big house with views of the water, right near campus and walking distance to a ton of cool shops and restaurants. She had five roommates, and they all graduated together on Sunday. It was nice to see my parents, and Rebecca, Carol, Jeri, Jack, Lisa, and Neil were also there. Uncle Rick and Phil came to Molly’s graduation party after the ceremony on Sunday. We had a ton of food, and two of Molly’s roommates families also came to the house. It was a really busy weekend, and I didn’t sleep much, but it was really fun. It was so nice to spend time with Molly in the place that she has lived for the past four years.

We get the keys in a few days, and will have two days to move over little things before we rent our U-haul. I have about 1/3 of the house packed up, and plan to get more done over the long weekend. I’m so ready to be in a big house, the kids are going to love playing in the backyard whenever they want!

While we have been very busy, but very fortunate in the past few weeks, both Cindy and Rick’s fathers health has been declining. We were pretty worried about both of them, and Papa Charlie passed away yesterday morning. Rick called me and I made sure Joe got a hold of him. I feel so bad for Rick, and for Nana, and their whole family. Charles had been going downhill for a while though, so hopefully they will have a little peace knowing he isn’t in pain anymore. It’s just a stressful time for all of them, with Gracie’s wedding only two weeks away! Everyone has a lot on their plates right now!

My dad called me this morning to let me know that my great aunt Jean passed away. She was 88 and had been declining as well recently. She’d lived in a nursing home that past two years, but we used to visit her at her house in Columbia over the years and we always thought it was so neat! She had a ton of old games like Battleship in the basement, and we loved looking around her old house. She always made chili and sweat tea when we visited, even though me and the girls were too picky to appreciate it! She made a lemon pound cake that my mom always loved! I hadn’t seen her in a few years, but she got to meet Virginia on a trip home once and thought she was very sweet!

Joe isn’t going to fly home for Papa Charlie’s funeral, seeing as it’s a holiday weekend it would be really expensive, and we’ll all be home in two weeks to see everyone. Rick, Cindy, Gracie, and Tim and his family are all with Nana right now, I hope she is doing as best as she can be.

We’ve got a busy few weeks ahead, but I’m looking forward to getting settled into our house and getting back to Tennessee. Virginia has really amazed me lately with how smart she is! She has my entire phone number memorized, and can spell Mickey Mouse (because they spell it during the show’s theme song). She stopped wearing Pull Up’s at night a few weeks ago, she’s a real big girl now! Luke says “yeah” or “nah” if you ask him a question. He climbs on everything!


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