Spring is here!

A lot has happened this month, and we’re only going to be busier in the next few months! I had Lasik done on April 5th. Joe was with me for the appointment, and was able to actually watch the procedure. It was over pretty quick, and it didn’t hurt, but it was a really weird thing to go through! The surgeon explained everything as it was happening. First he put the laser over my left eye, my vision went dark for a few seconds, the laser did it’s thing for like 15 seconds, and then he did my right eye. Then he slid my head over and the laser sliced both eyes again for another few seconds. They had me sit up and even though things were blurry, I could open my eyes right away.

They gave me drops to keep my eyes numb for the rest of the night, to help with any pain. We picked up McDonald’s on the way home, and after the nanny left we all sat at the table and ate dinner. My eyes were red and watery, but Virginia didn’t seem alarmed at all! After we ate I got in bed with a cool washcloth on my eyes and tried to go to sleep. At first I didn’t feel too bad, but my eyes started to burn and water. I had a headache from the pressure in my eyes, and it felt like there was sand in my eyes. I spent about two hours tossing around in bed trying to get comfortable to fall asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I could see and the pain was gone! It was pretty amazing.

Having Lasik done was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I’m still putting drops in my eyes every few hours, but in the next few weeks I’ll be able to use them sporadically. It feels amazing to just wake up and be able to see what time the alarm clock says. I don’t have to deal with contacts, or with the kids hitting my glasses or smudging the lenses. Virginia thinks it’s cool that I can see all the time now. I told her a robot fixed my eyes, and the morning after it was done she asked if she could meet the robot. I told her he wasn’t a talking robot, and she told me, “I’m going to sneak up to him and talk to him!” She’s funny.

Easter weekend was so much fun with the kids! That Friday afternoon we went to Bungie and saw the Easter bunny for pictures. The kids got little Easter baskets and had fun walking around Joe’s office. On Saturday morning the kids and I made blackberry muffins from scratch before Joe woke up. They were a little time consuming (I even made a streusel topping) but they turned out really good! We had our ECM egg hunt at a playground in Kirkland. The weather was perfect, it was sunny and almost warm out! The kids had fun playing on the playground and hunting eggs. Saturday afternoon we dyed eggs with shaving cream and food coloring, which was messy and not as vibrant as I’d hoped, but Virginia had fun. We made a brownie bunny cake, which turned out kind of creepy but still tasted good!

Sunday morning we “found” our Easter baskets that the bunny had hidden after Joe woke up. Virginia loved her musical jewelry box, and the barrel of monkeys. Luke was most interested in the Batmobile hot wheels car in his basket. They both immediately went for the chocolate in their baskets. We went to Heather’s house for an Easter brunch and egg hunt. Denae, Jason, and Xander were also there. Heather hid a ton of eggs in their backyard, and luckily it was still sunny and warm! After the hunt we had waffles, bacon, sausage, quiche, and I’d made hashbrown cups and a fruit salad. Denae brought champagne so we had mimosas! It was really nice to have somewhere to go! The kids all had fun and played well together, and there weren’t a bunch of people so it was fun to hang out!

Luke managed to climb out of his crib a few mornings ago, so we had to turn the crib around to make it harder for him to escape. Luckily he didn’t get hurt, but I think he surprised himself when he fell out! We’ve been looking at rental houses, and I’ve been explaining to Virginia that when we move she will have her own room. I told her that Luke would sleep in his own room at night, and Virginia told me, “…but then I’ll be lonely!” She’s so sweet! They get on each other’s nerves, but they also love each other so much already!

Luke understands so much, and he’s getting so big! He says Momma, Dadda, please, that, done, ta-da, and if you ask him how old he is he holds up one finger and smiles. He eats constantly, and so far isn’t picky at all. Virginia on the other hand has to be bribed to try everything on her plate at dinner. They both have big sweet tooths like their parents! Luckily they like brushing their teeth, fingers crossed for no cavities.

One of the cutest things that Virginia does right now, is when we all are sitting down eating dinner she says to Joe, “I want to hear about your game daddy!” Every night she likes to hear about his day. She loves playing Nintendo Switch games with him before bed! Once they are tucked in at night, Virginia likes me to tell her a story (I usually just tell her about the fun things we did that day) and we sing a song. Most nights we sing “You are my Sunshine,” the ABC’s, or “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Luke hums along with us. Before I leave their room, I tell them “sweet dreams,” and Virginia has started saying “sweet dreams to you too mommy!” I love our sweet babies!


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