I’m getting bionic eyes!

I’m having Lasik done! After ten years of dealing with contacts and glasses, I’ve decided I deserve to have working eyes. I’m going to a place that is well reviewed and hopefully by Easter I’ll be seeing with great vision! I’m having it done on April 12th, so I’ll be done with contacts and everything before my trip to Phoenix for Gracie’s bachelorette weekend, and Molly’s graduation in May, and our big summer trip back home in July! Joe is a little nervous about it, but I’ve heard so many great things about the doctor who is doing it that I’m just excited!

Virginia and I saw Beauty and the Beast at the theatre the weekend it came out. We saw it at an Imax theatre, and I was so surprised that it was mostly empty! It was great because I wasn’t worried when Virginia talked to me or sang along. The movie was way better than I was expecting! Everything about it was beautiful, and they added some really neat scenes that gave more background on both Belle and the Beast! I was so glad that Virginia and I got to see it together! After the movie we went to Lot 3 and had lunch. She was so sweet!

The weather is getting nicer, so we are trying to get outside more. The other day Virginia asked to ride her bike (she has a balance bike) so we went out to the sidewalk. She insisted on wearing her helmet, even though her speed is barely a crawl on the bike! She hasn’t really gotten the hang of it, she is supposed to push with her feet and the hold her feet up. She is too afraid to put her feet up unless Joe is holding the bike up for her. I think we may be looking at getting her a regular tricycle soon! Luke even tried to get on the bike, but he is still a little small for it.

Lately, Luke has been trying to jump out of his highchair at dinner. We decided he’d be happier in a booster chair like Virginia! We bought him one over the weekend, and the first time we had dinner with both kids sitting in booster seats Joe and I just looked at each other and smiled! They are so big!

Yesterday it was kind of drizzly, so we went to the arcade in Lincoln Square. We played a bunch of games, and Virginia asked if we could take pictures in a photo booth! We won a ton of tickets, and Virginia played the claw game and actually won a stuffed unicorn completely on her own! Joe and I were so surprised that she did it! Afterwards we went to lunch at Tavern Hall. We’re so lucky that the kids like going out to restaurants! I have friends who cannot take their kids to sit down restaurants, but Joe and I love it and would be so bummed if we couldn’t go out!




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