Getting back in the habit!

I was surprised to find out that it has been almost a year since I last wrote! I miss writing, and if my handwriting wasn’t so horrible I would love to write in a real book. This is pretty convenient though, and will hopefully be easier for Virginia or Luke to read when they are older! I would love to know what my parents were like before they had me and my sisters, what it was like while we were growing up. I’m lucky that my mom took so many pictures, Cindy was also great at keeping photos. Even if Virginia and Luke have no interest in these posts, at least I’ll be able to look back when they are older. Virginia says the funniest things every day, and they both grow so fast. I take pictures and videos, but I want to remember everything.

The other week, Joe was working late one night so I made grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for dinner (the kids and I love it!) I was multitasking and kind of burnt Virginia’s sandwich. I figured she wouldn’t notice, so we all sat down with our food. Virginia picked up a triangle, looked at it for a minute, and said to me, “You didn’t make this very well.” It was the most honest, hilarious thing she’d ever said to me! After that I decided I need to start writing these things down!

Cindy came in last weekend and watched the kids so that Joe and I could go to Vancouver for two nights. We are so lucky that our parents are physically and mentally able to take care of the kids, and that they want to! Cindy has been so busy taking care of Papa Joe and planning the wedding with Gracie, we were so glad she wanted to come spend some time here! Virginia and Luke had a great time with Cindy, and Joe and I were able to get away! We drove to Vancouver on Saturday morning and came back Monday afternoon.

I love Seattle and think it is the prettiest place I have ever lived in (aside from Germany), but Vancouver was amazing. It was beautiful, the food was awesome, and there was so much to do! We walked around downtown, went to Granville Island, drove around Stanley Park, walked across the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge, saw a movie, and ate a ton of good food. Our hotel was in a great location, and we spent a lot of great time relaxing! It was a perfect 5 year anniversary trip!

Cindy left on Tuesday morning super early, so Monday night at bedtime Cindy said goodbye to Virginia. That poor girl loves her Mimi so much, after we put them to bed I could hear Virginia making noise in their room. I went to check on her, and she was crying and saying “I don’t want Mimi to go!” So we let her sit with Mimi on the couch a little later than usual! When Luke woke up in the morning, he was fussing in his crib. Virginia came up to him and said, “I know you miss Mimi, but I miss her more.” I laughed so hard! She’s a hoot.

Virginia is in her second session of Ballet/Tap/Gymnastics, and Luke is in a gymnastics class for toddlers. Yesterday I snuck upstairs to peek at Virginia and help her get her tap shoes on. There are seven girls in her class, and when they put their tap shoes on and run into the classroom it is deafening! The shoes must be slippery, I just happened to be taking a video and she wiped out! It was so cute, she just bounced right back up and gave me a thumbs up! She’s a trooper.

Luke is so big, I feel like he is much more mobile than Virginia was at his age. He just had his first real hair cut last week and is such a handsome little guy! He had his 15 month check up, he is three pounds heavier and two inches taller than Virginia was at that age! Pretty impressive! He doesn’t say much aside from “Mama” and “Dada”, but he tries to say “Please” when eating! He loves to play with Virginia, loves Sesame Street, loves to dance, and wants to eat all the time. Luckily for me, he still likes to cuddle with me! He’s big on hugs and kisses, and waves at strangers.

I am so grateful for my family. Joe is an amazing husband and father, and having kids has made us love each other more and work together even better. Virginia is very much like me (control freak, has to be clean, but very sweet and thoughtful) and Luke is just like Joe (loves to sleep, super laid back, also very sweet.) All in all, we have it pretty good! I’ll try and update this as funny things happen! Hopefully not in another year from now…



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