Full term!

I’m 37 weeks, officially full term! It’s been a while since I updated, time is going by really fast at the end! A few Saturdays ago my awesome co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower. They had Joe in on it, and after work on the 13th we all went out to a restaurant for lunch. They got us a cake and everyone brought presents, it was very sweet. 35 weeks surprise showerJoe and I about to cut our cake! I was 35 weeks!

I turned 24 on the 18th, and spent the day relaxing! I got my hair trimmed, thinking it would probably be a while before I had time to get that done once the baby is born! I got a pedicure, I feel so much better having cute toes even if I can’t really see them. I had my 35 week check up and found out that my cervix was already 50% effaced! I was surprised that things were already starting to happen! The baby’s heart rate was still doing good and I’d only gained 22 pounds! Joe took me out to a really good Italian type place for dinner, and we came home and had pound cake and ice cream for dessert and I opened my presents.

bday 2The only half way decent picture of me and my birthday cake! The baby has been squishing my lungs, I couldn’t blow out all my candles without help from Joe! Ha.

Joe and I are getting really excited to find out if we’re having a boy or girl! At my 36 week check up this past Wednesday my cervix was 60% effaced and I was already 1 centimeter dilated! TMI, but I was totally caught off guard! My doctor said me and the baby both look good, but at the rate I’m going he said we might not make it to the due date! We had an ultrasound Wednesday afternoon, Joe and I got to see the baby one more time before he or she is actually here! We got to see the baby’s profile, and their little hands! Pretty neat. The technician said the baby’s weight is likely around 6 pounds, and everything looks normal!

36 weeksMy huge self at 36 weeks! My boobs look crazy, but my stomach is finally like super round and huge like a real pregnant belly! When strangers ask when the baby is due they are shocked to find out how far along I am, so I guess compared to most my belly is small, but I can’t imagine being much bigger! It’s fun to hear strangers opinions on whether I’m having a boy or girl. Princess Kate just had her baby last week, and the day she was in labor all the women that came in to the bank where excited to hear if she’d have a boy or girl. One lady that I had never seen before told me she thought Kate was having a boy, because she stayed so pretty during her pregnancy. She then asked what I was having, and when I told her we didn’t find out, she said, “I bet you are having a girl.” I was like, excuse me? She must have realized that she said something rude, and was like, “Oh dear, you are still pretty, but your face looks really full.” I wanted to punch her. Haha.

So Joe and I are almost 100% ready for this baby! Joe got his whooping cough vaccine, we bought a rocker recliner for me to use while nursing the baby, and Joe is going to install the car seat base today. The nursery is all ready to go, we finally got a full size bed and my grandmother sent super cute sheets and a comforter for it!

nursery bed

Joe and I have been trying to see all the new movies in theaters, and go out to eat while we still can. We’ve been taking a lot of convertible rides, because we won’t be able to do that with the baby! It’s crazy to think that I could go in to labor at any time now! Our bags are packed and I’m trying to stay calm about what will happen once the baby decides its time!






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