25 weeks!

It seems like I just updated this, but it’s been 3 weeks! So here are some updates! This picture was taken at 23 weeks!23 wksI had my 24 week appointment last week, and everything is still going good! The doctor said me and the baby are doing great!

Last night Joe and I went to an Oriole’s game. It was supposed to be a group thing with people from my work, but it rained all day and almost everyone bailed out! Me and my friend Kendra were the only ones from work that showed, but I was okay with that! So our big group ended up only being 5 people. Joe and I didn’t mind! Luckily the rain paused for the game.oriolesI’m not really a big fan of any specific sport, but I was all about the food! First off we got awesome grilled hot dogs! Later we had pretzels!

orioleWe left during the 6th inning, because it was getting late! The Oriole’s were winning when we left though!

Today was my day off, and I had a bunch of errands to run! I have a limited selection of maternity shirts that I’m getting pretty tired of, so I put on one of my old shirts. It looks like I have a bowling ball under my shirt! But at 25 weeks it’s pretty obvious I’m pregnant!25 weeksAfter my errands I was lying on the couch reading, and Uma decided to plop herself down on my chest. I guess she thought she was invisible and I would be able to read through her.

umaThis month has been pretty calm so far, but next Saturday we get the keys to our 2 bedroom apartment across the hall! It will definitely be the easiest move ever, and I am so excited to have a nursery/guest room! The baby moves around and kicks pretty frequently, I’m really not sure when he or she sleeps! I was getting pretty worried that Joe and I would never agree on a girl name, but we are getting close to picking one! We’ve had our boy name picked out for a few weeks and we still feel really good about it! I’m just having a hard time keeping it secret! In 2 weeks I’ll be in the third trimester! Yikes.


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