21 weeks, piece of cake!

Joe and I have had a busy past couple of weeks! Molly came to visit, and then it was Easter weekend, and this weekend Gracie stopped by for a quick visit! All of the excitement is making time go by faster than usual! Last weekend we were lucky to make it home for Easter! We spent Saturday hanging out at my parents house. We dyed Easter eggs, had an Easter egg hunt, and went out to dinner. Joe and I got to see all my sisters and parents, my grandmothers, my grandfather, and one of my aunts! We went out to dinner and got to chat with everyone. My family was a little disappointed that I don’t have more of a baby bump to see! Ha.

eggsDying Easter eggs!

cutiesMe and my cutie!

Sunday morning we went to church with Joe’s mom, it was a packed house! After a really nice service we went home to have a big lunch! Joe’s aunt and uncle came over, as well as my sisters and dad. We had delicious homemade lasagna and played a board game (our families love to play board games).

20 weksJoe and I after church! I was trying to accentuate the little baby bump I have.

We had a great time visiting with our families. As usual, I was sad to have to leave! So now I am halfway done with the pregnancy! It’s hard to believe. At the last doctor visit we heard the usual good news, and got to hear a very loud heartbeat! I really think I’m starting to have more of a bump each day.

This weekend we were glad to have Gracie come see us! She had been in the area for a few days working, and got to visit with us once her work trip was done! Saturday afternoon she drove up from Bethesda and we went to the Inner Harbor for dinner. We ate at a place called Houlihan’s. The food was really good, service was a little dodgy. But we had a great time catching up! After dinner we came home and had the cake I’d made earlier in the day! I made a banana pudding poke cake, from a recipe I found on Pinterest! It was really simple but super delicious. You start off making a regular yellow cake, and then punch a bunch of holes once the cake comes out of the oven!

caekIt looks really fancy with the holes in it. Then you mix up 2 small boxes of banana cream pudding with 4 cups of milk, and let it sit for a minute or two. Then you pour it over the cake, letting the pudding sink into the holes.

puddingThe cake pan was getting pretty full! You put the cake in the fridge to let the pudding set up, and once it is cold and not jiggly you ice the cake with a whole tub of cool whip! Put the cake back in the fridge until you are ready to eat. After we got back from dessert I pulled the cake out of the fridge (it had been sitting for about 6 hours at this point, but I read that it tastes even better the next day), and I put crushed vanilla wafer crumbs on top of our pieces before eating.

cakeLooks pretty good right?

joe and gracieJoe and Gracie with their cake! It was a pretty big hit! I’m excited to eat a piece later today to see if it really tastes better after a day in the fridge. The original recipe can be found here: http://www.thecountrycook.net/2012/06/banana-pudding-poke-cake.html

Gracie left for the airport this morning after breakfast, but we had a great little visit! Hopefully in a month or two Joe and I will be able to go visit her in Connecticut for a weekend! This afternoon Joe and I are driving out to West Virginia so Joe can drive a Lamborghini around a race track. It was a fun thing I bought for him a while back and he’s been looking forward to it! I don’t really have any more baby updates, aside from the fact that I really think I’m starting to feel the baby move. I’m never really sure if it’s the baby or my stomach growling, but I’ve definitely been more aware of something going on in there! So that is exciting. I can’t wait to feel some real kicks!


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