A lot can happen in a week without internet!

So our wireless has been down in the apartment for the last week, and a lot has happened! To start off, last weekend I got a hankering for my mom’s chocolate chip cookies (aka the recipe on the back of the Toll House bag). I set out to make them in my stand mixer, which Joe had recommended. I made a mistake and let the butter get too melty.

The dough looked great, am I right? It tasted pretty good too. (I had to eat half the dough off the mixer attachment.) And then catastrophe struck!

The worlds flattest cookies ever came out of the oven! They were like cookie discs. They tasted good, and they were perfectly crunchy on the outside but still a little chewy on the inside. They just didn’t look right. Oh well!

Also last weekend, Joe and I found out my car wouldn’t pass Maryland state inspection to get registered for tags here. My car, Johnny, had been a major part of my life since I was 15. I love that car, but it was over ten years old and not cost effective to put the money into it to get it to pass inspection. So Joe and I set out to find a new car! We were going to get a newer used car, and then it ended up being better for us to go ahead and get a brand new car! So Joe and I got this beauty!

It is a Scion XD, named Ruby. She is super cool! I love Johnny, but this new car has already made my daily commute to and from work so much easier! Joe and I keep taking steps into adult life, getting married, moving away, buying our first new car. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

Since my old car Johnny still runs pretty well, and my dad is a car whiz back home, Joe and I wanted my sister Molly to have the car. So an impromptu trip was set up! Two of my sisters, Callie and Molly, and my grandmother flew up to Baltimore Sunday morning! Joe and I picked them up from the airport and we went to DC to hang out for the afternoon. We got to see most of the important stuff, but I was just happy to get to see them all! My sisters and I all think alike, so you get us together and its like a nonstop gab fest. And we like to take silly pictures.

Here we are in front of Lincoln, making mostly normal faces. Ha. They had a short trip, leaving this morning with Johnny to make the long drive back to Tennessee. We had a nice visit though! This is the first time I’ve ever really been away from my family, when I “went away” to college I was only thirty minutes away. Luckily with my handy Iphone and bluetooth in Ruby, I can call and text them to bother them whenever I want.

Anywho, Joe and Uma and I are alone in the apartment again. For a little bit that is, because Joe’s parents are coming into town later this week! Another short visit, but it’ll be great to see them! It’s just one thing after another with us. I think I still have time to watch one more episode of Everwood before bed (the library in town has an awesome collection of tv series that you can rent for free, score!)


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