How to make a horrible day better.

Today was my day off for the week, and as usual, I had a super long list of things I needed to get done. The first and most important thing I needed to get done was get my Maryland license. That required me driving thirty minutes away to the Essex MVA, which I’m fairly certain is the worst place in the entire world. I’d already been twice to this scary place, and was determined to leave today with my MD license. I get through the first line, the second line, and after two and a half hours, finally get to the lady that takes my picture. She is the worlds slowest typer, and at this point I both have to pee badly (I was afraid to go to the bathroom and have them call my stupid number), and I am about to chew my arm off because I’d eaten my emergency Chewy bar two hours ago. Everything is almost done, and the woman says, “Uh oh.” My little heart about broke. She said that there was an incomplete form that wasn’t completed from Tennessee, I have no idea what she was talking about but said that there was nothing we could do and they couldn’t give me my license until the form was complete in the system. So basically they will call in a few days when I can come back. The woman was sympathetic, but I was so upset I just got up and walked out.

After that complete fail, my day was totally off. I had to cross things off my list that I couldn’t do until I had my license, the Amish store I had been looking forward to checking out was closed, I couldn’t find a stupid Goodwill store to drop off a bag of clothes, a prescription at CVS cost a ridiculous amount because they don’t have the cheap $3/$9/$12 type deals that you can get at Kroger and whatnot in Tennessee.

I made it home in one piece and decided the best way to cheer up.

I made funfetti cupcakes and poured myself a nice glass of sangria! Not just any kind of funfetti cupcakes, but the Spring kind! Extra special. Joe came home from work and that also made things much better! I don’t like to brag but my husband is probably the best. Did anyone else watch Raising Hope, Cougar Town, and New Girl tonight? We did, and they were all hilar. Schmidt is one of my favorite character on tv right now. That’s all I have for now! I’ll leave yall with a super cute picture of my guy.

This is how we spend a lot of time! Joe playing Mass Effect 3, while I sit on the couch with Uma and play Draw Something on my Iphone. Married life is pretty sweet.


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