Joe and I have been married two weeks! Time is already flying by! We haven’t gotten sick of each other yet, so that is good! We picked out a couch that will be here tomorrow, and our big new tv should be here Friday! Our apartment will be fully furnished soon! We also adopted a baby kitty, her name is Uma and she is super adorable! Sunday I made an OreoCheesecake, it was time to break in my brand new Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!

Here are all the ingredients! I used the recipe off Kraft’s website, it was pretty basic!

You can ignore the jalapeno’s and whatnot, that was stuff for Joe’s chili he is making tonight to bring to a chili cook off! Marriage has turned us into serious cooks! I got to use my brand new food processor as well, to crush the Oreo’s for the crust!

The food processor was another wedding gift, and I was a little intimidated to use it at first. It worked great at crushing the Oreo’s for the crust!

The recipe called for twenty quartered Oreo’s. Joe and I got a really fancy knife block, so I had a good quality knife to chop these things up, but   they ended up shooting all over the place and I got crumbs everywhere!

Here is the Oreo crust in my brand new spring form pan!

After the crust was done I tossed the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla into my food processor!

You let that cream together and then add the eggs one at a time, mixing for a bit after each egg. I was pretty amazed at how great the electric mixer worked! I’ll never use a hand mixer again! Once the eggs are all incorporated you fold in the quartered Oreo’s and you are ready to pour the mix into the spring form pan!

Looks pretty healthy, huh? Now you throw it in the oven for an hour. During that time you can occupy yourself. I cleaned this massive pile of dishes…

And watched my super cute husband play Mass Effect 2 while our super cute baby Uma napped/stretched out on his lap!

She is a total daddy’s girl, and she likes a lot of attention!

You can’t resist that sweet face! Get the cheesecake out of the oven after an hour, let it cool a bit, and then pop it in the fridge for at least four hours. The Kraft website recommended cooling it over night, by my husband wanted to break into it right away so I was lucky it lasted the four hours! The final result was amazing!

I try to eat small pieces, but I can’t help myself! Hubs thought it was pretty great too, so my first attempt at cheesecake was a success!


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